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The Value of an Agent

Frequent Phone Call 1: (Caller)  Brian, I need some advice.  My drywall business is losing employees to the competition because they offer employee benefits and I don’t.  I’ve got to fix this.  Can you find something that I can afford?
Frequent Phone Call 2: (Caller):  Chris, I need some help.  I thought that I would be able to enroll in a health insurance plan through the Marketplace.  I don’t know if I estimated my income correctly.  Then I got to the part where you have to select a plan – what’s the difference between PPO, HSA, HMO, & POS? I know what deductible means, but what is maximum out-of-pocket?
Frequent Phone Call 3: (Caller)  Kayla, I’m confused. Are the Summary Plan Description and the Summary of Benefits and Coverage the same thing?  What are the requirements for an employer?
Frequent Phone Call 4: (Caller)  Melisa, I’m leaving my job and starting my own business.  We’re going to be on a very tight budget for the next year.  Should I take COBRA from my employer or buy my own health insurance?
Frequent Phone Call 5: (Caller)  Brian, I’m expanding my business to a new state and will have salespeople based there.  How will their health insurance be handled?
Frequent Phone Call 6: (Caller) Kayla, one of our employees has a big problem.  The insurance plan is NOT paying for her ambulance fees because it is out-of-network.  Can you help?

While you work hard in your area of expertise, trust your professional health insurance agent to be the expert when it comes to health insurance and employee benefits.  You need a combination of insurance, employment law, tax, and compliance information to make well informed decisions for your business and your family.  The agents at ComPro Insurance are ready to help.

by Brian McPike, President
ComPro Insurance

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