ComPro: Traveling This Summer?

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Traveling This Summer?

Do you know how your health insurance works when you are away from home?

Here are some tips.

For travel within the US:
It is very important to know the network of doctors and providers that your insurance plan uses.

If you have an HMO Network, you will not have access to in-network providers when you travel outside of the service area.  You will have insurance coverage only for an emergency.

If you have a PPO or POS Network, you generally will have access to an in-network provider.  Some insurance companies have a national network of doctors and hospitals.  An example is BlueCross BlueShield.  You can see a BCBS doctor anywhere within the continental US and it will be considered an in-network expense.  Companies that don’t have their own national network will partner with a different network to provide access to in-network doctors and hospitals when you are away from home.

For travel outside of the US:
Most insurance companies provide benefits for “emergency services only” when you are out of the country. Check your policy for international benefits.

If you need medical care, you will have to pay for the services in full.  Then you can obtain a receipt and submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.  However, the receipt generally needs to be translated to English.

Consider purchasing Travel Medical coverage before you leave the country.  This is a very inexpensive way to provide extra protection in the event of a medical event while you are traveling.  In addition to providing benefits for the cost of medical services, these policies provide additional benefits for things such as the cost for a family member to come assist you, or the extra cost for rescheduling your flight home, or providing for an emergency evacuation to your home country.

I’ve had two experiences while traveling that made me a believer in the necessity of Travel Medical coverage.  A lady in a group that we were traveling with to Israel had a stroke during the flight to Tel Aviv.  She spent the entire trip in the hospital.  It was necessary for her daughter to make an unplanned and very expensive trip to Israel to assist with her mother’s care.  In another situation, we were a part of a group on a mission trip to Mexico.  Two of the young men that were in our group were involved in a very serious car accident.  One of them was so seriously injured that he had to be airlifted to the United States for treatment.  So, don’t leave the country without Travel Medical coverage.  The staff at ComPro can provide you with more information and a quote for your next trip.

by Chris McPike, Vice President
ComPro Insurance

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