Going Green With J-Tech Solar

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Going Green With J-Tech Solar

The most common question asked in the solar energy industry is easily “How do solar panels work?” To put it as simply as possible: The cells in Photovoltaic Solar Panels convert the sun’s energy into a DC current, which flows into an inverter and changes the DC to AC electricity. This is how solar panels provide power to household appliances, machines or utility loads. Of course, there is a little more to it than that and if you’d like to learn more there is an abundance of information at JTechSolar.com.

The second most common question is usually “How much does solar cost?” The answer to that question will depend on your individual usage and what your wants and needs are. If you think back to the 70’s and 80’s, solar was a very large investment. The good news is solar panel system costs have been decreasing consistently for the last two decades. There are several reasons for these price drops. The most obvious reason is the technological advancements that have been applied to the manufacturing of the solar panels and inverters. Another large reason they have become more affordable is the competition. You might be surprised to know that the same company that makes several of your household appliances also makes Photovoltaic Solar Panels! That’s right, all of the major players in appliances, batteries, and renewable energy have put many of their resources into manufacturing the most effective solar panels on the market. This means they are also competing to provide consumers all of this technology at the most affordable price possible. On top of the competition and the technology it has also become easier to install these systems. This means solar panel installers are more efficient on job sites, minimizing the cost for labor. Bottom line, if it has been even just a few years since the last time you looked into solar, an updated estimate could surprise you.

Once you’ve made the choice to go solar, your J-Tech clean energy expert can help you decide what type of system is right for you. When you think about solar panel systems, you probably think about your roof. A south-facing roof mounted system is usually the best way to go if possible. The panels will collect sun for a longer amount of time throughout the day if you can make a south-facing system work for you.  Now, say you’ve got some big beautiful trees covering the south area of your roof, what then? Well, J-Tech Solar provides several variations of solar system installations. An evaluation will be done on site to determine the most cost effective, practical, and efficient installation method. As its name suggests, a Roof-Mount Solar System can be mounted directly to the roof or with ballasted racking systems. Awning Solar Systems can be engineered to provide both power and protection from weather. A Ground-Mount Solar System is also an option. With a Ground-Mount Solar System, applications can get set at a fixed angle on a single pole or multiple poles.

Remember, with J-Tech Solar (www.JTechSolar.com), consultations are always free. If you would like a consultation simply contact J-Tech at (402) 261-3682. Our friendly staff will line you up with a free evaluation and assessment of your wants and needs. They will then provide you with a free estimate for the solar panel system that is right for you. If it is possible, it is always helpful to have any information regarding your past years energy bills at the time of your consultation.

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