Clean & Renewable Energy… Put it Where the Sun Shines! – J-Tech Solar

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Clean & Renewable Energy… Put it Where the Sun Shines! – J-Tech Solar

Cover- J-Tech Solar - ThumbnailFinal arrangements are taking place for J-Tech Solar’s second location in Grand Island, Nebraska. With the completion of a 20 Kilowatt Solar Panel System at the Country Swim School in Bennet, the project completed on the Strictly Business building in Lincoln, and several residential projects so far, 2016 has been a very successful year for J-Tech Solar. The opening of J-Tech’s second location on West Capitol Ave. is truly the cherry-on-top of an exciting year. This is good news for not only J-Tech but for the entire solar industry.

Growth in the renewable energy industry is, most obviously, beneficial for the environment. Unlike conventional power, solar energy produces zero harmful emissions that hurt the environment. In America alone, fossil fuels are used to generate an overwhelming 68% of the electricity we consume. As a result, the emissions generated from the combustion of these fossil fuels are incredibly harmful to our planet. Eliminating the need for these fossil fuels while saving homeowners and businesses money is exactly why J-Tech Solar is in business.

Though J-Tech has been installing solar panels around Nebraska for several years now, the official launch of the J-Tech Solar brand at the beginning of 2016 has really helped to generate the solar energy buzz. Through education and free consultations, J-Tech is teaching business owners and homeowners alike about the benefits of solar energy. A 30% Federal Tax Credit and rebates from local utility companies are just a few things that J-Tech Solar Consultants go over when they meet for free on-site consultations.

J-Tech is hoping to bring all of that knowledge and buzz to the Tri-City area this fall. Opening this second location is a very proud stepping stone for CEO Jason Olberding. “We are excited to take this step and bring our services to the Tri-City area,” Olberding says. Jason has had even further success with J-Tech Solar’s parent company, J-Tech Construction. Specializing in roofing, windows, siding, and gutters, J-Tech Construction will also be a big part of the new location opening in Grand Island.

Jason credits his success to the people he employs; because of that, J-Tech’s philosophy is completely employee based. What that means is simply that J-Tech prefers to hire crew members on as employees rather than using sub-contractors. This makes it easy to set a standard for their craftsmanship. “Knowing your guys and what they are capable of makes it easy to maintain a high standard for quality work,” Jason says.

With over 30 busy employees, getting the J-Tech crew all together for the cover photo shoot was no easy task but they had a fun time doing it. Featured in the photo are the majority of the J-Tech Solar and J-Tech Construction installers, office staff members, and the famous J-Tech fleet!

Jason and his team are thankful for the customers that have brought them the success they’ve had in the 2016 year and it will definitely be exciting to see what J-Tech will do next. From what it sounds like, the expansion into the Tri-City area is just a start for this growing business!

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