Complete Hearing Won’t Let Hearing Loss Hold You Back Lincoln, Nebraska!

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Complete Hearing Solutions is proud to continue its dedication to the prevention, identification and treatment of hearing loss.  Accessible front door parking, daily walk-in hours and emergency appointments set them apart by always putting their patients first. They can service and program all makes and models of hearing aids.  In addition, they work closely with Lincoln Public Schools, UNL Barkley Center, and many physicians in Lincoln to provide quality hearing care to patients of all ages. Owners and UNL graduates, Dr. Sandra Miller and Dr. Meghanne Wetta plan for 2013 to an impactful year for them. “We will continue to provide the same quality of care with the skill and compassion our patients have come to count on,” says Dr. Miller.

With only 10% of those with hearing loss seeking help, Complete Hearing Solution’s focus this year will be education of physicians, patients, care givers and families on the impacts of untreated hearing loss.  The incidence of falls, dementia, and poor cognitive function increase significantly in correlation to the degree of hearing loss a person has.  “Having a baseline hearing test is the first step, “states Dr. Wetta.  “Your hearing is as vital as your vision – knowing where you are will give you the greatest success in the future”. When people understand that even a mild hearing loss can impact their learning potential, their earning potential as well as their emotional well being, seeking an evaluation with an audiologist is the best course of action.”

Compete Hearing Solutions also has products and solutions for those who are looking for superior sound and comfort while listening to  music, protecting their hearing during noisy recreational activities or simply wanting to keep water out their ears while swimming .

If you are looking for a custom product for your ears, Complete Hearing has your Solution!

Call or stop by their office to meet their compassionate, dedicated staff who will find a solution for your individual needs. Reach them at 402-489-4418 or on the web at

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