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Be Prepared for ALL-WEATHER With The Experts at Walker Tire Quick Nicks

Cover Walker Tire Quick Nicks November 2016Driving in inclement weather during the winters here in Nebraska is hazardous to some degree at all times. Taking all of the necessary measures to ensure that the minimal level of risk is present starts with the only thing that touches the road: your four tires. Even if you have the biggest, baddest 4WD truck on the streets of Lincoln, unless you have the proper tires, your safety isn’t guaranteed as these types of vehicles are still reported to be involved in a high rate of accidents in the winter.

Tires are surprisingly technical products, consisting of many components and subject to exacting requirements. Since 1951, Walker Tire has been in the business of helping local customers find the right tire for the conditions we experience here in Lincoln, NE. Owner Nick Vuko has spent his entire career in the tire industry, during which time there have been many significant advancements. He’s always been passionate about sharing the vast knowledge he’s gathered, and this time of year in particular, a great example is educating customers here in Nebraska about the difference between All-Season and All-Weather tires.

While it may sound like the same thing, many are surprised to find that in actuality these are two completely different tires when it comes to design and intended function. The all-season tread pattern is generally designed to be smooth and straight, which helps to grip the road in moderate to hot temperatures and repel water when you’re driving in the rain. However, this isn’t ideal for cold weather. Snow tires are characterized by blocky treads with grooves, which helps to move water more efficiently in the snow and slush varieties, and is also softer, allowing it to remain flexible even in cold temperatures. The all-weather tire is considered to be a hybrid; a combination of the all-season and snow tire designs that brings together the best of both worlds.

You can count on all of the professionals at Walker Tire to have done their research about any tire they sell in their stores. As a result of thorough examination and comparison, the Nokian line of all-weather tires comes highly recommended, and with good reason. Nokian designed the very first snow tire and then building upon that concept, later introduced its most innovative creation, the all-weather tire. These are state-of-the-art tires that have been uniquely designed for superior handling of winter’s harshest conditions. Moreover, they are manufactured with the most durable, reliable materials and tested to perform under conditions commonly found in North America, which includes us here in the Midwest. This is a tire that can flexibly adapt to the changes in weather – its grip is a true chameleon of the roads in all extremes.

In our specific geographic location, we’re highly likely to experience it all – rain, snow, slush, sleet, and ice. Having tires that are appropriate for all weather conditions is just a part of driving safely and confidently in our climate. Anytime you see Walker Tire’s certified stamp of approval, you know you have the best tire – from manufacturing to installation and service. Combine that with an excellent warranty and free oil changes at Quick Nick’s Service Centers for the life of the tires, and you can’t find a better deal on quality tires that are perfectly suited for those living in Lincoln, NE year-round.

As a family-owned business, the mission of the Vuko family and their team at Walker Tire and Quick Nick’s Service Centers is to care for customers with superior service, knowledge and products. Before winter weather strikes, stop by any of the four locations in town to check out the selection of Nokian tires for yourself, and get all of your questions answered along with the option of a complimentary demonstration!

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