TCW Construction – Providing the Highest Quality of Product & Service

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TCW Construction – Providing the Highest Quality of Product & Service

TCW Construction Inc. ( is a family-owned business derived from Tony’s Cement Works Inc., which started out in the early 70’s as a patio, sidewalk and driveway Construction Company. Tony’s Cement Works Inc. gradually expanded its focus and as a result, naturally evolved into its new name and identity as TCW Construction Inc. Now in the hands of the next generation, the company continues to follow the same ethical policies regarding construction business that our father taught us over the years. We’ve also continued to produce the same types and high quality of work, only on a slightly larger scale.

For instance, TCW performs all types of concrete work such as footings, finish floors, structural concrete and slip form paving of concrete roadways encompassing widths up to 33 feet. To help facilitate the placement of mass concrete for roadway paving, TCW created Husker Ready Mixed Concrete in 1998, and this has helped foster our competitive abilities in all avenues of the concrete industry.

During the same year TCW also joined forces with the Butler Building Group and diversified into the pre-engineered metal building arena. Looking back this was a very aggressive move on our part, and it has since become another very good facet of the company that has also added to our diversity. Growth has been steady in this department due to the products Butler can offer, and it has enhanced our design build capabilities for our clients. TCW has received numerous High Performance Builder awards from Butler Manufacturing since incorporating their products as a part of our company’s offerings in 1998.

Current projects include working on the Papillion Creek with installing 500 lf of sheet pile, 3 relief wells, Riprap, concrete flexamat and concrete cap wall for the USACE. On the Pre-Engineered side, this includes a project for Unite States Air Force to install a slope-build up to remove valley gutter to one gable roof and installing high R-value insulation with new roof and wall panel.

In summary, the targeted growth of TCW Construction and the addition of Pre-Engineered Butler Buildings to our portfolio has been a good mix for us. We take great pride in having created a complete turnkey operation that allows TCW to compete in several different market areas.