Planning Your Wedding – Basics For Your Big Day in Lincoln, Nebraska


After seeing how many recent engagements occurred around the holidays this year, one thing’s for sure…2014 is going to be jam packed with tons of weddings!  It is never too early to start planning for your big day, especially in light of the fact that there are so many pieces to put together to make the puzzle whole.

Finding THE Dress

Emmy_Gorman_Blush_BridalAs far as weddings go, a woman’s dress is by far one of the most highly sentimental and key pieces of the entire event.  Perfection is most likely a requirement for all brides, and it may take a bit of time to find THE dress.  Patience and persistence are important, but it is also just as important to have someone who is knowledgeable and has plenty of resources providing assistance throughout the process of finding the right dress as well as tailoring it for the perfect fit and coordinating all accessories.  Blush Bridal Boutique specializes in all of the above. Emmy Gorman, owner of Blush Bridal Boutique, says “Blush Bridal stylists meet with clients during individualized 90 minute appointments.  During a client appointment, the stylist will discuss wedding theme, formality and the bride’s vision for her apparel.  Blush stylists are very skilled at helping our brides find their perfect gowns that incorporate their theme and make each bride feel and look beautiful. And even though your dress should make a statement, never underestimate the importance of the right accessories.  Incorporating jewelry and other accessories in your bridal design really brings your look to the next level. It’s not all about the dress!  The unique accessories you choose are what will truly define and complete your bridal look.”

She advises, “When gown shopping for the first time, try to keep an open mind.  Be willing to try on silhouettes, fabrics, and necklines that you are unsure of.  You really won’t know what you like or don’t like until you try on the various gowns.  Statistically, brides end up choosing a dress that they would have never considered at first glance!  It is important to begin your dress shopping early, I suggest approximately 9-12 months before your wedding.  Why do you have to start so early?  Unlike other clothing and textiles, high quality bridal gowns are not in a dusty warehouse waiting to be shipped out. Instead, your dress is put into production when you place the order; the dress is made for you!  Shopping early provides you the time to enjoy the shopping process without feeling pressured and allows plenty of time for alterations to achieve the perfect fit! Also, pay attention to the structure of bridal gowns!  Higher quality gowns offer significant support on their own, meaning there are no bulky corsets and petticoats to help the dress maintain its shape.  You can find ‘cheaper’ dresses on the market, but is it really worth it when you are spending an extra $200 on bras and slips to just keep it from stretching out by the end of the night?” Gorman adds, “We often hear from brides that they want to lose weight or change their body before they begin dress shopping.  At Blush, we feel that we can help brides find the dresses that are most flattering and make you feel your most beautiful with who you are right now.  When a bride selects a gown that is most flattering and comfortable, it is amazing to watch her confidence and body language change throughout the appointment.  That is a clear sign that we have found your dress!”

Setting The Stage

lori miller lincoln tentWho says you have to have a wedding in an actual building?  Based upon your unique and creative ideas for what your big day will look like, Lincoln Tent Inc. can plan and craft any tent set-up that you can dream up for your wedding.  These tents create the perfect ambiance and are truly a stunning way to frame your event.  Arguably, the best part of utilizing a tent for your wedding is that the possibilities are endless.  Lori Miller of Lincoln Tent Inc. says, “We offer multiple styles of tents in a wide variety of sizes to fit any guest list. We also offer dance floors, lighting, staging and even heaters! We have set up tents at private residences, country clubs, golf courses and parks. We travel all over Nebraska and further, so location is not a problem. As we design, fabricate and construct all of our own products, we really can make anything happen!” She adds, “The best tip I have for couples who are planning their wedding is to know what is most important to them on that day and plan to spend the most money in those areas. I tell couples to each sit down and make a list of all the things they will need for their wedding including the cake, dress, pictures, venue, food, and so forth. Then I instruct the bride and groom, on their own, to number each item on the list according to importance. Afterwards, compare lists and compromise based on what each of you want. Then there won’t be any surprises while planning on what each of you wanted. Also, extra things always seem to come up when planning for a wedding and I think it’s a good idea to have a ‘slush fund.’ There are plenty of things people just don’t think about, like a new bathing suit for the honeymoon or spending money for souvenirs while you’re there for example. Those things can add up and it’s good to have a little extra put away for them.”

aaron young chefauchefAs a specialty catering business that prides itself on both the taste and presentation of its fare, ChefauChef can help you with everything from food preparation and service to providing linens, tables, dinnerware, glasses, and anything else you need to make your meal spectacular. Additionally, owner Aaron Young can get you connected with bar services, tents, portable restrooms, DJ’s, photographers…you name it!  Essentially, ChefauChef is unique in the fact that they can provide the food for your wedding event or they can assist you with planning your whole wedding.  Young says, “While our most popular services involve catering for weddings, we don’t stop there.  I have partnered with many local professionals and am able to provide excellent recommendations based on personal experience. Additionally, we can offer much more than just a meal at your reception.  We can prepare a special menu for your prenuptial dinner or even late night food options for a snack later in the evening.  We also love to do anniversary dinners, where a chef will plan a meal with the bride and groom and later, prepare the meal in their home on their first anniversary.  I always tell my clients to talk to people who recently got married and use the knowledge gained from their experiences to help make better decisions.  Also, when it comes to the food at your wedding, always get several quotes to see where you can get the best quality for the best price if outside catering is allowed.  The main thing is to get the venue and vendors you want booked as soon as possible.”

Choosing Your Venue

angela roeber sas museumLocated only 25 minutes from either Omaha or Lincoln, the Strategic Air & Space Museum offers a number of options for weddings and/ or wedding receptions. Angela Roeber of Strategic Air & Space Museum explains, “With over 300,000 square feet of space, planning an event at our venue is easy and allows for a range of possibilities. We can accommodate groups ranging from 20 to 2,000 people, and we offer free parking for all guests, open catering, and all parties have access to our entire collection of interactive exhibits and attractions.  One of the best features of the Strategic Air & Space Museum is the glass atrium at the entrance of the Museum. This offers a unique and intimate setting for your guests underneath the SR-71 Blackbird. For larger groups you have the opportunity to rent one of the Museum’s display hangars. Both hangars allow you the opportunity to dine under the wings of our aircraft. No matter what location you choose it’s sure to be a stunning and inspiring event.  Furthermore, your special touches don’t all have to revolve around your wedding day. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to add some lovin’ to your entire wedding weekend! This is because, looking back on your wedding, most of your guests will remember not only your big day, but the rehearsal dinner, sendoff brunch, and all of the hours in between as well. The Strategic Air & Space Museum, located off of I-80 Exit 426, is just one of the many attractions Exit 426 has to offer.  You can literally create a wedding weekend right here with the golf, wineries, shopping and eateries available in such close proximity.  Lodging is available next door at Mahoney State Park or Carol Joy Holling.  Exit 426, along with the Strategic Air & Space Museum, is truly your wedding destination.”  Regarding some of her best advice for planning a wedding, Roeber states, “Before you start planning, ask yourself a few important questions. What kind of wedding do you want?  Think about the kind of feeling or vibe you want for your day.  Also consider if you want a church wedding or a non-religious civil ceremony. Where will you be married and have your reception?  Before you begin the venue hunt, try to narrow down the general location.  Do you want to get married where you live now, where you grew up, or maybe where you went to college?  Or how about a destination wedding?  What is important to you?  Decide together what aspects of your wedding will have the most importance.  By knowing your priorities it will help you decide where you want to spend your time and money when planning your wedding.”  She adds, “The Strategic Air & Space Museum allows for a relaxed atmosphere in an extraordinary setting.  Let us manage the details so you can spend your time enjoying your special day.”

jim ballard james arthur vineyardsAnother venue that provides a unique and intimate setting for a bridal shower, wedding or reception is James Arthur Vineyards.  Jim Ballard, owner of James Arthur Vineyards, says, “The best part of weddings at James Arthur Vineyards is the decorating has been done for you, as our property features lovely landscaping surrounding the reflecting ponds, complete with waterfalls, and the gorgeous backdrop of the vineyards.  This has saved many couples a significant amount of time and expenses related to decorating as Mother Nature has completely taken care of it all!  The same tender-loving care that goes into the growing of the vineyards can be used in the wedding vows as we say at the winery ‘Growing grapes is like any good marriage…the more you give, the more you get!’  Our wedding fee includes everything from the planning to the set up and clean up; we tell couples to just relax and enjoy their special moment while we take care of it all!  Additionally, we offer great personalized labels for our wine bottles that make great wedding party gifts—we can use the couple’s picture or wedding motif and create labels for their gift giving or for a perfect keepsake. We create and print these in house so there are no minimum order requirements.”

jaime johnson rule gRule G is a new addition to Lincoln and offers a unique, upscale venue in the Railyard that is perfect for the sophisticated, modern day wedding.  The innovative design of Rule G features three unique areas: The Rooftop Patio, The Spin Room, and The Ultra Lounge.  Rule G can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 250 guests as each area is available for rental individually, or the entire facility may be reserved to accommodate larger events.  Jaime Johnson, Director of Events at Rule G, says, “From your initial booking with Rule G to the moment your last guest leaves out of our door, we are dedicated to making your wedding day an unforgettable event.  Rule G is an ideal setting for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, bridal luncheons or showers, engagement parties, or the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party.  However, if you are looking for the traditional banquet hall setting for your wedding reception, Rule G probably isn’t the place for you as our venue design offers a unique alternative for couples who are looking for a nontraditional setting.  For Friday and Saturday wedding receptions utilizing all of Rule G, The Ultra Lounge is available exclusively for your event until 9 p.m. when it opens as Rule G Nightclub and The Spin Room is available until 11 p.m. for your private wedding dance.  For those who book on Sundays, the entire venue is all yours for the night.  We provide truly full service event planning with a focus on careful attention to detail and dedication to outstanding customer service.  Our Rule G Wedding Packages include full service event planning with customized menu design and a table décor & design session, a personalized reception itinerary, coordination with your wedding specialists for the day of the wedding, coordination by myself on the day of the wedding, complimentary cake cutting services, complete set-up and tear-down on the day of the event, standard table linens and napkins, tables for the cake/guest book/gifts, and we also provide referrals for wedding specialists upon request.”

michele barron gretas gourmetFor those who are looking for catering services at their venue of choice, Greta’s Gourmet can accommodate a variety of menu preferences and just like their name, they specialize in gourmet cuisine.  They also provide catering services to venues such as the Rococo Theatre, The Del Ray Ballroom, The Grand Manse, The Apothecary Building, and Hidden Valley Golf Course in addition to various other venues and private residences. Michele Barron, Catering Manager for Greta’s Gourmet, states, “We are very open to catering any meal in any space requested by the bride and groom.  At Greta’s Gourmet we want every soon-to-be-wed couple to get exactly what they want on their special day.  From buffet service, plated dinner service, butler service or a variety of hors d’oeuvres, our staff has the expertise to create the perfect meal.  We offer a delectable variety of a more traditional fare; however, we love to cook outside the box for those looking for an adventurous wedding meal.  The most popular wedding menus we’ve catered lately include multiple, smaller portion, entrees for each guest.  This allows the bride and groom a menu with everything they enjoy eating and their guests are able to try each item instead of choosing one entrée.”  Barron emphasizes, “The best advice I can give to those planning a wedding is to make decisions based on what you want.  It is your wedding and there is no reason why the day shouldn’t be your dream come true.  I also encourage brides and grooms to ask plenty of questions, until you have no more concerns or what-ifs left.  Open communication between the bride and groom and their vendors leads to a very well-executed wedding day.”

If you are sticking to the Lincoln area for the destination of your wedding, Country Inn and Suites/Beacon Hills is a wonderful choice for hosting your reception.  They offer a wide variety of amenities that are perfect for wedding-related events, including an on-site chapel venue, reception venue, plenty of hotel rooms for guests, a rehearsal dinner venue as well as a gift opening venue, and all-inclusive packages are available upon request.  When deciding which of these spaces you want to utilize, they also offer the services of an event coordinator who will review your options with you in order to find the best arrangement.  Deborah Carroll of Country Inn and Suites/Beacon Hills says, “There are many ways we can make your day truly wonderful and memorable, and we are always thinking of new ways to go above and beyond for our clients.  Our most recent addition is a new special feature we are offering on our menu especially for weddings that we call our “Create-Your-Own” Buffet. The bride and groom can make their own selections from our wide variety of entrees, salads and sides, as well as name the buffet whatever they would like to go along with their wedding theme.” Regarding planning for your venue, Carroll advises, “Besides the obvious benefit of getting the venues of your choice, planning a wedding as early as possible takes a majority of the stress out of the equation.  This is an important and memorable time in your life, so it is vital to find a location with experienced professionals who can assist you with all of the details so that you can truly enjoy the day.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds, and planning early can give you time to do your research, meet and interview a variety of professionals, tour venues, try out menu items, etc.  When conducting site visits with each potential venue, make sure to take along a list of questions.  This will help you feel comfortable that you have covered all of your bases.   When can you have access to the venue? What are their food & beverage minimums? Will there be the potential for any extra charges? What are your cake cutting options?  Decorating options? What technology can they provide for multimedia or video presentation options?  What are the room set-up options, and do they provide the table linens? Are there any service charges? What are the applicable taxes? That way as you are doing your budgeting there will not be any surprises.  Weddings are a big investment, and your return should be everything you hoped for and sometimes with the right people it can be more than you ever dreamed of.”

molly nicola embassy suitesEmbassy Suites-Lincoln is another excellent venue choice.  Molly Nicola, Wedding Coordinator at Embassy Suites-Lincoln, states, “One of the best things about Embassy Suites-Lincoln is that we can plan and host all aspects of a wedding under the same roof.  You name it, we can do it! From the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to the ceremony, the reception, or day after gift opening–we can do it all.  Having all of your wedding activities in one location will make your event more convenient for you and your guests. There are also cost savings benefits for bundling your venue and hotel accommodations together.  Embassy Suites can put together a package that fits almost any budget.  Additionally, a lot of people don’t realize that all Embassy Suites guest rooms are spacious, two room suites and are perfectly suited for families. The hotel offers a pool, whirlpool and sauna for guests and is located in the heart of Lincoln’s entertainment and P Street shopping district.  All guests of the hotel will enjoy our complimentary evening reception and famous cooked-to-order breakfast as part of their stay. Another benefit of having your room block with Embassy Suites is that we will provide you with your own tailored web page!  This allows guests to book their own discounted guest rooms with no worries for the bride or groom.”  She adds, “In my experience, the toughest part of planning a wedding is the guest list.  It’s a good idea to get a grip on how many quests you’re inviting and how many guests will actually attend.  A good guideline is that 75% of the invited guests will attend. However, that number may go up if both families are from the same town where you’re hosting the wedding. Whether it be the food, photos, venue, cake or flowers, figure out what is most important to you and the groom and splurge on that. More often than not, you’ll be glad you spent the extra money. Also, I too will emphasize that the earlier you start planning the better.  Do your research on the best deals at the best times of year and then set your date as a result of the information you have evaluated.  Once you have your venue picked out and the deposit paid, everything will fall into place. You can finally start to visualize how everything will look as well as plan where guests will stay.  At Embassy Suites, we take pride in being a one-stop-shop for all wedding needs and our extensive network of vendors allows us to orchestrate every detail for your wedding.  Whether you would like us to assist with coordinating flowers, music, lighting, dance floor, cakes or limousines; we are able to make it convenient for you and we can arrange it all.  For a private tour and consultation, contact me directly at (402) 473-4712.”

cherie anderson venue lincoln nebraskaIf you are looking for a lovely, chic setting for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, for gathering your wedding party or family members on other occasions leading up to the wedding, or for smaller reception events, Venue Restaurant and Lounge is an excellent choice.  Venue also offers a wide variety of catering options and can accommodate requests as well.  Cherie Anderson of Venue Restaurant and Lounge states, “Venue is a locally owned fine dining restaurant and because of that, we have the flexibility to listen carefully to your wants and dreams.  In fact, we are honored to be presented with the opportunity to take your cherished traditions and create a moment in time that you and your guests will remember forever!  Venue brings a focused team to the table who will be able to attend to every detail of your event, whether big or small.  We also have two private dining rooms that are perfect for rehearsal dinners and bridal showers.  Moreover, Venue Catering is happy to cater anywhere in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.  Our catering services are unique in the fact that we are a scratch-based kitchen and therefore we are able to have our talented and artistic culinary experts create a unique catering experience crafted just for your special day.  Additionally, we have a full service Event Team trained to attend to every detail so you can relax while we make sure every guest has an enjoyable experience.“ She advises, “I think with weddings it is important to recognize that planning is very important, but not the most important thing, which is enjoying these special moments.  As long as you have experienced professionals on board, you can have faith that everything will turn out fabulous.  It is also important to space things out by setting a timeline for planning—don’t feel like you must have everything set in stone all at once.  Just choose people you trust and have fun with, and who have listened to your story and your vision, and then enjoy planning your special day!”

Capturing the Moments

shane dwyer shane and sunny lincoln neYour wedding day will likely fly right by in a whirlwind of celebration and emotion, but the job of a great photographer is to capture all of the meaningful moments that transpire in a way that will touch your heart and fill you with pride every time you look at them and show them off over the years.  Shane Dwyer of Shane & Sunny Photography advises that when hiring someone to photograph your wedding, you should visit your top three choices and never book strictly off of a referral.  He says, “Referrals are great, but you will also want to meet the photographer(s), get a feel for their personalities, and check out some examples of their work.  Personality is especially important with the photographer for your wedding, as they will be with you for most of your day.  If your personalities don’t match, it can be an unpleasant experience for all.  Along with personality, experience is very important and is something that Shane & Sunny Photography offers.  A lot of people don’t think about this, but hiring a photographer who has been properly trained and has many years of experience photographing weddings should be a key part of your hiring decision.  Anyone can show up to your wedding with a camera but few can capture your important day in a way that will meet all of your needs and wants when it comes to photography.  I’m a second generation photographer with 17 years of professional experience, and Sunny is also well trained as a photographer and has 15 years of experience.  It can be hard to find a husband and wife team that incorporates both a male and female perspective with that kind of experience.  At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself who you want to trust with the responsibility of capturing the memories of your big day.”

Special Touches

jeff white colby ridge lincoln neEach wedding is as unique as the bride and groom who are getting married.  There are so many cute little things you can do to add special, personalized touches to your wedding.  Even traditional choices like the colors for your wedding can be incorporated in unique ways.  Colby Ridge offers a wide variety of products that are perfect for weddings.  Jeff White of Colby Ridge explains, “We can make custom colors and arrangements of our candy and popcorn especially for your event.  For the popcorn, we can put them in personalized bags or you can buy the popcorn in bulk and use it for a popcorn bar.  Not only do they look great and display your special message to your guests; they are also easy to handle and fun for all ages.  Regarding our candy, we operate a candy store with over 200 bins of colorful candy which is perfect for a candy bar at your reception.”

vicki harris harris academy of arts lincoln nePlanning the music or entertainment for your wedding ceremony or reception is a major decision that will reflect your style, taste and preferences.  Harris Academy of the Arts offers professional wedding musicians in a variety of ensembles and that perform a variety of styles.  Vicki Harris, owner of Harris Academy of the Arts, says “We work with couples to personalize their music choices based on their personality and preferences.  Instead of working from a set repertoire list, we tailor each performance to the couple.  Instruments we offer include strings, piano, voice, guitar, woodwinds and brass.  We are able to accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings and most venues, large or small.  Our musicians perform traditional and classical wedding music as well as popular, Broadway, easy listening and Jazz.  As far as ensembles, our most popular are string quartets, violin duets and violin solos.  The second most popular instrument choice is piano since it is versatile, plays many styles of music and is beautiful as a solo instrument.  We have also had some unique ensemble requests such as piano, guitar and violins performing love songs from the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Additionally, many people do not know that we offer saxophone and trumpet for weddings.  They can provide a truly unique touch to the ceremony—if you’ve never heard At Last wailed on the saxophone or Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary processional on trumpet, you need to!”  Harris adds, “We always recommend that couples choose someone to cue the processional.  This person could be a relative, friend, wedding coordinator, officiant or anyone who knows the key players and can signal the musicians when the wedding is ready to start.  This helps things flow very smoothly.  Also, we encourage couples to have fun with the music selection and be creative!  Music is one of the elements that put a personal stamp on a couple’s big day.  Finally, we find that the more popular wedding months (May-July) are booked at least a year in advance, so booking your wedding musicians early is important to ensure availability on your chosen wedding day.”

cali hlavac a sound impression lincoln neA Sound Impression also provides a variety of services that are perfect special touches for your big day, including DJ services, Videography, Love Story Videos, Slideshows, and Event Planning services.  Cali Hlavac, owner of A Sound Impression, states, “Our two most popular services are Reception DJs and Videography on the day of the wedding.  We are seeing a growth in Love Story Videos, which tell the unique story of how the couple met, started dating, and ultimately the story of their proposal.  For these videos, we interview the bride and groom and let them tell their own side of the story.  We then intermix this with photos and footage to create a fun keepsake.  Another service that we offer which is also trending for 2014 is Same Day Edit.  This is where we film the bride and groom getting ready, seeing each other for the first time, the photo session, and ceremony, and then edit all of that footage on site to play in a video clip at your reception!  It definitely adds a wow factor for you and your guests to be able to watch a movie of your wedding day events just hours after they happened.  It also provides a ‘behind the scenes’ look into everything that happened already that day.  A Sound Impression aims to do everything we can to make the planning process incredibly easy on our couples.  Our packages are structured to give you the most bang for your buck, and we truly pride ourselves in helping you script and plan the entire evening so there are no surprises.  We also value your input on musical selections, timelines, etc. and want to make sure the night is just as you want it.” She advises, “Planning a wedding early is important because it gives you more choices and opportunities to book the vendors that truly represent your personalities and your vision for the day.  One of the biggest challenges for couples is to choose a date that all of the professionals they want to use are available for, and booking early eliminates that hassle.  Furthermore, the biggest tip I can offer is to ask for vendor referrals.  This is one of the most important and special days of your life, and you will want to hire people whom you can trust—based upon their reputation, not on their price.  Everyone loves a deal, but trying to save a few hundred dollars in the wrong areas can really ruin your day.  Also, be sure to use your already booked vendors as resources.  We are the ones in the field each week working with other vendors, seeing the different ways venues are set up, hearing the differences between a band and a DJ, and so on.  Ask us for recommendations!”

If you need the bar brought to the location of your choice, Top Shelf Beverage Services and Wine Concierge would be happy to make that happen.  In addition to providing a private space that is perfect for smaller rehearsal dinners or wedding events, they are also a mobile beverage caterer.  Jeremy Schafer of Top Shelf explains, “Our sole purpose is to make your special day one to remember.  That’s why we offer you the freshest ingredients, professional mixologists, and unique services.  We offer personal cocktail servers for your family and wedding party so they never have to wait in line for drinks.  As a bride, you can choose from our extensive recipe library, partner with our mixologists to create you own drink, and design your own personal drink menu.  We’re also the only beverage caterer that lets you print custom labels for our privately labeled wines.  These can be printed with your monogram, photos and more, and also make great personalized gifts for your wedding party.  All of these endless options add a new level of personality and flair to one of the biggest days of your life.”

Finding your dress may be a major part of your look for the day, but it’s certainly not the only part!  As all ladies are well aware, your hair ranks right up there in importance.  Studio 67, a Keune concept salon, offers a variety of options for your look.  In fact, styles are just as diverse as each bride and can be classic, modern, or a combination of the two.  For the bride and her bridal party, Studio 67 offers a test run before the big day so you can be sure that the looks you decide on will be executed flawlessly on the day of the wedding.  Tanya Porter, owner of Studio 67, says that while they do specialize in creating unique updos for weddings and formal events, the sky is the limit and whatever you want is made possible by their amazing, experienced stylists whose mission is to make sure you leave with gorgeous wedding day hair.

Planning for Life After Your Wedding

jr knopp nebraska home sales lincoln nePlanning a wedding is notorious for striking fear and frenzy in the hearts of even the most polished, organized ladies.  Another stigmatized planning situation that is likely to occur around the same time is planning to build and/or buy your first home as a married couple.  Planning for both of these major life events will be some of the most important decisions you may ever make!  Third Generation Builder works with many types of people who are building the house of their dreams, and with the help of Nebraska Home Sales Realtor JR Knopp, they form a team of trusted professionals who can assist you through every step of building a home—even while you are planning a wedding!  Furthermore, what bride wouldn’t want to be carried across the threshold of her custom built home that will be the setting for many treasured family memories over the years to come?  Knopp adds, “At Third Generation Builder, we pride ourselves on making the process painless and making sure you get everything you want in your home.  While planning to build a home and planning for a wedding at the same time can be a challenge; it can be done.  However, getting the right agent and builder is the crucial first step.  I always emphasize that it is one thing to buy a home, and a completely different thing to build one.  Being decisive and sticking to a well formulated plan and timeline are very important under these unique circumstances.  Timing becomes very important because the process of a building a house from the first meeting to the finished product takes about six months, so if you are planning to move in the spring ideally you should begin the process in the middle of the previous summer and so forth.  Construction is also tricky because weather is a major factor…especially in Nebraska! It is very important for us to educate our clients as much as possible so they feel comfortable with the decisions that are being made at each step of the process.   The end result is well worth what it takes to get there, and we really enjoy seeing our clients excited and proud of their brand new home.”

Planning a wedding is truly an exciting time in your lives and should be enjoyed as much as possible, even when a little bit (or sometimes a lot) of stress is added into the equation. However, you will likely look back and treasure the time you invested in the process as long as you didn’t put too much on your own plate.  We wish all of you brides and grooms out there the best of luck with planning your wedding in the months to come!