Trade Show Preparation in 2017 – Lincoln, NE

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Trade Show Preparation

Trade shows are a fantastic tool for businesses to gain exposure and interact with two key audiences: business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). As business owners and professionals, we can all appreciate the efficiency of an event that encompasses both at the same time. However, in order to get the most out of the investment of time and resources you’re making, you’ll want to choose the ones you participate in wisely and thoughtfully plan out the key components of how you’ll present your business and promote your offerings.


Jaime Henning
Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce will hold the 2017 Lincoln Business Expo on October 18th. For those who will be planning to host a booth, Jaime Henning of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce advises, “When preparing for the Expo, make a progress calendar to keep you organized and on track. Draft every detail of your display a few months in advance so you know how you want your booth to look inside the venue. Our booths are 10’x10’, and some opt to reserve two or more side-by-side. Large display items such as a step and repeat, pop up banners and flags should be ordered well in advance of show day. In addition to your signs and graphics, consider the other things you may need, such as a monitor, speakers or a tablet for capturing information. Make sure to have plenty of business cards, data sheets, catalogs, price lists, brochures or any other print collateral that you may want to hand out. A unique promotional item is always a great way to keep your company top of mind.

The Lincoln Business Expo is held at the Pinnacle Bank Arena and the space is large. Make use of the height of the venue and consider how to make yourself stand out from eye-level. Interactive displays are extremely beneficial and will capture the attendee’s attention to your product or service. The hands-on experience will keep the guest at your booth for a longer period of time, giving you ample opportunity to present your message in a fun and disarming way. Since the Lincoln Business Expo allows sales on-site, it is easy to incorporate merchandise into your display. Above all, determine an objective for your booth based on what your business needs. Careful and strategic planning will make your place at the Lincoln Business Expo and other trade shows a pivotal point in your marketing mix.”

Terri Carlson Holthus Convention Center - Headshot

Terri Carlson
Holthus Convention Center

Looking to expand your horizons and add a show that you’ve never done before? Nearby in York, NE Holthus Convention Center has been the location of a variety of different shows in the past few years since opening, and is already set to host more this year and next. Terri Carlson of Holthus Convention Center also offers a few tips for those who are planning for their booth presentation, emphasizing “Know the space! Make sure you have accurate measurements and dimensions of the area you will be utilizing to ensure setup can be executed as planned upon arrival. Request a floor plan that shows you exactly where outlets are positioned, any columns that may be in the space, doors, etc. Also, be sure and check with the facility so you are aware of any requirements with spacing around entrances and exits into the room, aisles, etc. Keep your booth space as open as possible to allow attendees to come in and interact, and a creative display always attracts a crowd.”

Remember, when it comes to maximizing your presence at a trade show, planning well ahead of time is key! Use your resources wisely, and contact the local professionals to help you put together something that will WOW the crowd, but more importantly, that will attract qualified prospects.


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