Valentine’s Day: Celebrate with Someone Special in Lincoln, Nebraska!


As February 14th approaches, there are probably many mixed feelings out there. You have those who are excited about the holiday, those who are nervous about the holiday, those who really don’t care and those who are terrified of the day because they have no idea how to make their significant other happy on Valentine’s Day. However, no matter how you feel about the holiday or the status of your current relationship, you can enjoy Valentine’s Day. Here are a few suggestions:

For those who are single

Just because you don’t have a ‘sweetheart’ doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun Valentine’s Day. Why not consider getting all of your single friends together and going out to hit the town or having them over to your house for a party? It’s likely that your buddies who are single are also wondering how to get through this holiday and will be happy to have some plans.

If your friends are all busy, consider hanging out with someone else in your life who may be lonely. Perhaps you have a parent or grandparent in a retirement community or a sibling who doesn’t have any plans. This is a great opportunity to go see them, bring them some dinner and have a nice evening of catching up. Single parents can also take this opportunity to spend with their kids. Plan a movie or game night and cook up your son or daughter’s favorite meal. It’s hard to be sad about being single when you’re having a ball with your kids!

Gift Ideas for couples

Whether you’re newly coupled or have been with your significant other for many years, you may be wondering what a unique, interesting gift could be that shows the other person how you feel about them. Here are a few ideas.

Boudoir Photos

According to Jaime Incontro of Purple Sky Productions, “Boudoir photography is one of the most personal gifts you can give to your significant other as no one else can give him the same gift! What guy doesn’t want some sexy images of his lady? Our mission at Boudoir Boutique is to make every woman feel drop-dead gorgeous. Every woman has it inside her, she just needs the encouragement. We will help capture your unique beauty. I have been in your shoes! I know what it’s like to be nervous about having your photos taken. But when I saw my images, I was reminded about how beautiful I am and that made me feel amazing. It sounds scary, but DO IT! You will walk away feeling on top of the world!”
Jaime also has some advice on preparing for your session. “Look at sites that sell lingerie for ideas on what to wear, how to pose and facial expressions. We will help coach you through everything, but looking at a site like Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood will point you in the right direction. Also, remember the details: make sure you have freshly painted nails and toe nails, you have removed unwanted hair, etc. before your session. If you need a quick tan, tray a spray tan from a professional like Body Nouveaux. Consider having a professional do your hair and makeup before you session. And relax! We will help you with everything! Remember, we photograph women of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. Do not wait until you have ‘lost a few more pounds’. As we all know, life is busy. Celebrate who you are right now. You are beautiful inside and out and your guy knows it and he already loves you just the way you are.”

Pampering at a Spa

When you want to show someone how much you love and care for them, it makes sense that you should pamper them! Getting them spa services is a great way to ensure they take a break from their busy schedule and get some relaxing services done!

“We can sell gift certificates at the spa or now we also sell our gift certificates online,” says Ashley Pavlish with Body Nouveaux Spa. “You can also pick a Valentine’s Day themed gift certificate and print it out in the comfort of your own home. You have the options to pick a certain service (or two) or purchase a dollar amount and your loved one can pick and choose what they would like to pamper themselves with.”

What’s better than pampering your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Getting pampered WITH them, of course! “For the month of February, couples have the option to pick our sweetheart package,” explains Ashley. “This package includes a one-hour facial plus one-hour massage each. The services can be done in the same room (by request) plus they will also get to each take home a free piece of cheesecake for afterward.”

Spa packages are good for everyone on your list, whether it’s a husband or wife or even a daughter or best friend. Remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about couples!

Clothes and Accessories

Clothes and accessories are usually a hit when it comes to giving a gift to that special woman on your list. Cherie Travis with Rachel’s Boutique says, “Brighton jewelry and accessories are always a great choice because Brighton is known for their hearts! Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or a handbag, you will find a large selection of items with hearts. All of Brighton handbags come with a special heart that hangs on the bag (which is easy to remove if you are not a fan of hearts). Another great gift item is a charm or beads from Brighton as you can create a special memory bracelet or just a fun beaded one.”

Cherie goes on to say, “Pandora is also a great choice for a piece of fine jewelry. Create a necklace or bracelet to show your love for someone special. Then you can add to it for other occasions. Pandora is all sterling silver and also offers 14k gold.”

If don’t want to give jewelry as a gift, you should consider an accessory. “New items arrive daily, including scarves and clothing,” Cherie explains. “Whether the item is large or small, it’s the thought that counts and will make someone know they are special. We will help you find the perfect Valentine’s gift and we can even wrap it for you!”


Candles are a traditional gift for a reason; they are a thoughtful and useful gift that provides a romantic glow for a special night. Hallow Candle Company can help you will all your candle and jewelry needs and you may just win a fantastic prize while shopping! Around Valentine’s Day, Hallow Candle Company hides a token in three different candles. If you find a token, you win a diamond necklace from Lincoln Jewelry.

For those who aren’t sure what combination of gifts to give, Hallow Candle Company offers pre-made baskets filled with a variety of items that make for easy gift-giving. Everything in the store is locally made in Nebraska and they offer 100% soy candles, which are healthier to burn.

Valentine’s Day is a day to look forward to! No matter what your romantic status may be, it’s a day to spend time with those you love and make them feel special and wanted. Picking out a thoughtful gift is just one way to say ‘I love you’ and our local stores can help you make that perfect impression.