Group Therapy Bike Tours Celebrates First Anniversary in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Group Therapy Bike Tours is proud to announce that they recently celebrated their first anniversary in business.  The first bike tour took place last year on April 6th, the day of the infamous Nebraska Spring Game.  Over the past year, they have been providing the Lincoln community an opportunity to get together for plenty of fresh air, good company, and good times. The tours are not only a fun way to get out and about, they are also an excellent way to learn about and familiarize yourself with Lincoln and what is going on around town while you visit local venues and attractions.

Group Therapy encourages everyone to “ride their way to happy!”  It is their belief that taking one two-hour tour will help anyone experience maximum stress relief.  The 15-passenger bike offers six seats on each side that move the pedal-powered bike and a bench with three seats for those who are just along for the ride.  No matter the age, no matter the occasion, you’re sure to leave your Group Therapy “session” feeling happier, rejuvenated and, of course, ready for another Group Therapy Bike Tour!  For more information about Group Therapy Bike Tours or to book a tour, visit  If you would like more information on customizing your tour for a corporate or private event, please contact Drew Philippi at (402) 968-2305 or by email at