High Yield Fertility Intensives Offered in Columbus and Omaha

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High Yield Fertility Intensives Offered in Columbus and Omaha

Dennis Nun, President of Yield Champions (www.YieldChampions.com), has announced the location of two soil fertility seminars coming up in January in Nebraska.

“We’re excited to be able to bring cutting-edge fertility training to our customers and clients as well as opening up these programs to seed and fertilizer dealers, farm managers, land owners and other agricultural professionals. Our featured speakers will be leading, innovative soil fertility agronomists, Cory Oberlander in Columbus on January 11th and Dennis Dammen in Omaha, Nebraska January 22 and 23 for our 2-day Pro AG II Program.”

Oberlander, of Agveris, Inc., manages the fertility programs for over 160,000 acres in 7 states. Dammen, of Crop Maxx, Inc., trains ag professionals throughout the U.S. through a series of Pro Ag I & II 2-day seminars each year.

To preview the concepts shared by Oberlander and Dammen go to www.300BushelCorn.info. For more information on tickets to these events, visit www.YieldChampions.com, contact via email at Dennis@300BushelCorn.info, or text to (402) 430-7727.