Lincoln Racquet Club Re-Surfaces All Four Indoor Tennis Courts in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Lincoln Racquet Club (LRC) is excited to announce the re-surfacing of their four indoor tennis courts with the help of a USTA Facility Grant. LRC is thrilled to be able to provide members with a top-notch tennis facility.  Aesthetically, the new, blue courts really jump out to the eye. This gives the courts a very “clean” look.  As far as playing, the resurfacing of the courts will slow down the ball during the point.  This is very important for new players.  As time goes on, courts will “quicken up” which makes it tough to set up and hit a proper shot, especially for kids.

Faint blue lines have also been added on the courts.  These lines are for the ten and under players.  This add-on will help junior players learn the game more quickly. LRC has a growing junior tennis program and are excited to be able to enhance their learning experience.

“We want the Lincoln Racquet Club to be the place parents send their kids for youth tennis.  We want to start him/her very young and take him/her through the different stages of tennis.” Rick Stempson, LRC Tennis Director.

Lincoln Racquet Club is Lincoln’s premier family health and fitness facility. For more information about Lincoln Racquet Club, please contact the Membership Department at (402) 423-2511 or visit

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