Sniferz Begins 8th Year of Business in April in Lincoln, Nebraska


Sniferz is celebrating the start of their 8th year of business in Lincoln in April. Sniferz began as OdorOut in April of 2007 and quickly moved to establish a clientele for their deodorization services in the automotive, residential and commercial property markets. In 2008 the business name changed from OdorOut to Sniferz and continued as such until last year when owners Jim & Sheryl Hunt of Lincoln purchased a BioSweep franchise to bring their cutting edge technology to Nebraska. Mr. Hunt states that with the addition of BioSweep they have become a totally integrated decontamination service with applications that deodorize and provide long lasting infection control also.  The Hunts also want to take this opportunity to thank their many loyal customers in the pre-owned auto, realty, property management, and restoration fields all over eastern Nebraska. Mr. Hunt adds that many of these folks have been with them from the beginning, through all of the pioneering that has taken place with a new business of this type, and they are so pleased now to be able to bring them an even better and more cost effective service. For more information about Sniferz or the new BioSweep technology now available in Nebraska, visit or call (402) 429-9984.