Talent Plus® Announces 2017-18 Social Responsibility Pillars

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Talent Plus® Announces 2017-18 Social Responsibility Pillars

Talent Plus (www.talentplus.com) deeply believes in impacting the surrounding community, which for them, extends internationally as well. This allows associates to express their desire to contribute to a specific organization and enables Talent Plus, as a Talent-Based Organization® (TBO®), to extend the arms of their talent to organizations to make a great impact and build a Talent-Based Community®.

Each year, Talent Plus surveys associates and asks them, along with the leadership team, for their input in choosing what’s called “Social Responsibility Pillars.” Four Pillars are chosen every year.

They are selected based on these criteria: 1. Talent Plus associates expressed a desire to work with an organization; 2. Talent Plus, in partnering with the leadership of the organizations, believes they can achieve the greatest impact by aligning with the organization; and 3. Collectively cover local, national and international regions to allow associates in their extended community to fully participate.

As Talent Plus enters their 2017-18 year, it’s their desire to continue to align themselves with the community that helped the company grow and the organizations that spend every day helping make a significant impact. The Talent Plus team is excited to partner with these four organizations in the coming year: CEDARS, Child Advocacy Center, People’s City Mission, and Food Bank of Singapore.

Talent Plus (www.talentplus.com) is the leading partner in building and sustaining high-performing and fully-engaged cultures through talent selection, development and analytics. Headquartered in Lincoln, Neb., Talent Plus also has an office in Singapore.