Triumph Home Health Supplies Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Lincoln, Nebraska


Triumph Home Health Supplies is proud to announce that they recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in May.  In honor of this milestone, they hosted an anniversary party and guests were treated to lunch, cookies and refreshments all day long, a variety of product demonstrations, and raffle drawings throughout the day.  The Triumph Home Health Supplies team would like to thank everyone that came to their anniversary party as well as the vendors that were a part of the festivities.

Triumph Home Health Supplies, located at 3233 Cornhusker Hwy., offers a comprehensive array of home health aides and supplies designed to support your unique needs, and that will make your life easier and more comfortable.  They provide high quality, compassionate customer service and home health products that are focused on encouraging your independence in the comfort and security of your own home.  Triumph Home Health Supplies also provides free delivery and 24-hour on-call service in order to address any questions or concerns about your home medical equipment at any time.  For more information about Triumph Home Health Supplies, please call (402) 434-5080 or visit