Nebraska Community Foundation Celebrates Small-Town Success

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Nebraska Community Foundation Celebrates Small-Town Success

Nebraska Community Foundation ( held its quarterly board meeting in Shickley, NE on August 25-26. The 18-member board, representing communities from across the state, travels to affiliated fund communities for its regular board meetings, and takes full advantage of getting out and among the people they serve.

On Thursday afternoon board and staff members toured Reinke Manufacturing led by Sandi Wendell, who serves on both the Reinke Manufacturing board of directors and the NCF board. The group also visited the new Jennifer Reinke Public Library in Deshler, which was funded in large part by Jennifer Reinke’s NCF donor-advised fund.

Later that afternoon, the Byron community (pop.83) entertained the group at its new million-dollar community center, built with the help of a gift of land which NCF helped to arrange.

An evening reception, dinner and program was held in the Shickley Community Center, also built entirely with charitable contributions. Volunteers from affiliated funds in six adjacent counties participated in an evening celebration. Twelve affiliated funds in those six counties –Fillmore, Thayer, Clay, Nuckolls, Adams, Webster – currently have nearly $5.8 million in charitable assets. What’s more, $4.3 million of those assets are held in permanent, unrestricted endowments, which means a steady flow of revenue will be available forever to meet the needs and opportunities that cannot yet be envisioned today.

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