St. Monica’s Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Recovery for Women and Families in 2014 in Lincoln, NE

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St Monica’s is proud to announce that 2014 marks their 50th year of helping women overcome addiction, trauma and mental illness.  They wish to congratulate the thousands of women and families that are leading healthier, happier lives in recovery and also to thank the Lincoln community for their support over the years.  St. Monica’s has big plans to celebrate their 50th anniversary throughout the year, including an alumni reunion, so make sure to watch for future event announcements!

St. Monica’s provides treatment services in Lincoln for women and their children who are struggling with substance abuse, mental health issues and trauma. Last year, the agency served more than 350 women through inpatient and outpatient services at seven facilities.  St. Monica’s Project Mother & Child is Lincoln’s only facility where moms can bring their children to live with them during treatment, while enhancing their parenting and relationship skills.  Additionally, Friends of St. Monica’s is a special group of volunteers who organize and support projects to benefit women navigating their recovery journey at St. Monica’s. If you are a graduate of St. Monica’s who has gone on to achieve lasting recovery, contact Rebecca Roberts at (402) 441-3768 or  For more information about St. Monica’s, please visit