TeamMates Sets Goal of 24 Visits Per Mentor for 2014-15 School Year in Lincoln, Nebraska


According to National Mentoring Partnership, mentoring helps students succeed in school, work and life. Mentors lead by example and show young people how to better relate to all kinds of people, strengthening communication skills. Mentors also help young people set post-secondary and career goals and start taking steps to realize their dreams. The TeamMates Mentoring Program appreciates the commitment and dedication of the 1,100 caring adult mentors who met with their TeamMates student mentees during the 2013-2014 academic year.

TeamMates proudly announces that 415 mentors, approximately 37 percent of the TeamMates mentors, succeeded in meeting with their students 24 or more times throughout the school year. Supporting data shows that after 24 visits by a mentor during the school year, students earn higher grades, have better school attendance, exhibit positive behavior and have a strong sense of hope and well-being. In 2013, 54% of TeamMates students had improved academics; 83% had fewer discipline referrals; and 80% had fewer unexcused absences.

Lincoln TeamMates served approximately 1,100 students in 2013-2014, and has set a goal to serve 1,350 students in the coming academic year. To view the list of the “24 or More Club” mentors or to learn more about the TeamMates Mentoring Program or mentoring, visit or call (402) 436-1990.