Talent Plus President Kimberly Rath Awarded Business Excellence Award in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Kimberly Rath, President and Managing Director of Talent Plus, Inc., was recently awarded the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration’s Business Excellence Award.  Rath has been a leader in human resources for over 25 years.

Talent Plus is an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 200 clients in 20 countries, with the ability to conduct interviews in more than 20 languages.  They use their knowledge and experience to measure and predict talented individuals so that their clients can make wise decisions in the selection and development of their teams.  Talent Plus recruits and interviews candidates for all positions, from executives to front line employees. Their unique Lincoln headquarters was designed to reflect interaction and communication, and it swarms with the best and brightest statisticians, linguists and analysts devoted to bringing clients excellent service and a true relationship with their company.  In addition, they have offices in Singapore and Columbia.  Talent Plus invests time in being a company that is socially responsible, wellness-driven, fun and engaging to be around.  As a company, they have won awards for the past two years from Great Places to Work and Achievers.

For more information about Talent Plus, Inc., please visit their website at www.talentplus.com.

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