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Butherus, Maser & Love (bmlfh.com) is a full-service funeral home, chapel, and crematory. We have been in Lincoln since 1883, beginning in downtown Lincoln in what is now the Nebraska League of Municipalities Building. Our main office was moved to its current location at 4040 A Street in 1962, and we also have a satellite location in Hickman, NE.

Proudly maintaining our family ownership, while names and titles may have changed over the years, there has always been a continuum of family connectivity. John B. Love passed his ownership along to Jim Love, who retired at the beginning of 2017. Jim’s son John R. assumed his father’s ownership share at that time. Patrick McCashland is our other owner and the son-in-law of the late Leroy Butherus. Diane Butherus is still active with the funeral home and the driving force behind our annual scholarship program for a student at each of our local high schools.

“We believe it’s our personal touch and commitment to our community that sets us apart from many funeral homes.”

As a family-owned operation, we are able to maintain that level of personal connection with the families we serve. From the first call we get when a death has occurred until the final disposition of the deceased, we act as the main point of contact and are the ones handling the arrangements for the family. We have a crematory on-site and our funeral directors are always on call. Upon notification, our staff are the ones to respond to any needs or requests moving forward.

Butherus, Maser & Love is locally owned so any financial impact of our operations stays here in our community. We feel that Lincoln is a great city in which to do business. The people here have the same core values that we maintain as a business, and we enjoy being involved in numerous religious and civic organizations. We much prefer being involved with the people around us and investing in the lives of the families we serve.

While the basic premise of funeral service may not appear to vary a great deal, the expectations for the service of a loved one actually have changed over the years. There has been a marked increase in the personalization of funerals. Rites and rituals are great and a valuable part of a funeral, but the personalization is nice and makes every funeral very unique – as it should be. As long as it is legal and able to be done in the time frame permitted, we are happy to assist a family in making whatever arrangements they would like to assure a memorable tribute.

It is an honor to have been a trusted resource for many, and our longevity is probably our most significant achievement. There aren’t too many companies in Lincoln that can say they are approaching 135 years in business. We enjoy giving presentations in the community and answering questions people have about a process that they only have to face a limited number of times in their life. Informed people make wiser decisions. The feedback we have received from families over the years is why we have adopted the slogan “Recommended by Family and Friends.”

The Funeral Home Family & Friends Recommend

Locally Owned & Operated since 1883
4040 A Street, Lincoln, NE 68510 • 211 E. 1st St., Hickman, NE 68372
402.488.0934 • bmlfh.comFacebook.com/Butherus Maser & Love Funeral Home


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