Enhance Your Team Culture at Escape Lincoln & Yowie’s Lodge

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Enhance Your Team Culture at Escape Lincoln & Yowie’s Lodge

With fall swiftly coming and going, and another deadline passed, there’s excitement all around the office during the holidays and so much to look forward to this month. With the flurry of activities involving shopping, family, friends and work events ahead, the Strictly Business team decided to get together before everything got too crazy for our monthly staff outing!

Escape Lincoln 

140 N 8th St | www.escapelincoln.com | (402) 477-7801

Enhance Your Team Culture - Escape LincolnOur first stop for the evening was an activity that’s relatively new to Lincoln, but also new in the fact that there’s the several options to choose from that change up every few months. With a different experience in store for you every time you visit, the escape room experience provided by Escape Lincoln never gets old or goes out of style!  Our group of 9 people was a mixture of first-timers and repeat visitors.  We split into 2 rooms, each with a unique storyline and completely different set-up. The Asylum Room is set in a psychiatric facility when you receive an urgent incident report regarding a patient that has escaped a secured room without leaving any sign of her exit, and you are in charge of figuring out what happened.  The Retro Rush Room is based on a gaming legend who has died, leaving a 1980s-themed challenge in her wake. Each room gives your team a one hour adrenaline rush to complete. We all escaped successfully! We couldn’t have done it without any one person as each person contributed to solving a huge piece of the puzzle, making it a fantastic team building exercise as well as a fun challenge for all.


Escape rooms offer a tangible way for professionals to interact with their clients outside of the workplace in a very different environment than a restaurant or bar. Working together to solve puzzles and find clues can be great for building upon your relationship, similar to the benefits of team-building with coworkers. You work on strengthening your individual problem-solving and communication skills while at the same time learning new ways of effectively communicating with one another. Escape Lincoln will work with you to plan your next event, with custom bookings available throughout the week by request. So if you plan on entertaining clients, you are able to book a time and room(s) that fit your busy schedule!

We loved their location in the Historic Haymarket which was within walking distance to nearby restaurants, activities, and hotels. The staff was extremely friendly and very thorough with their explanations and instructions. The room was very well thought out and really challenged you to think outside of the box. We were blown away by the thought of how they come up with new storylines, which would take a lot of creativity! All in all, there was great energy, it was a really nice space with a fun atmosphere, and we will definitely go back for another try at escaping! By the way, we escaped with time to spare!

Yowie’s Lodge

800 Q St | (402) 417-8042 | www.yowieslodge.com 

Enhance Your Team Culture - Yowie's Lodge

Enhance Your Team Culture - Yowie's LodgeAfter all of the action at Escape Lincoln, we were ready to wind down over appetizers and cocktails. For those who are in the downtown or the Haymarket area, Yowie’s Lodge is a great place to stop for dinner and drinks!  Yowie’s Lodge offers a scratch-based menu that’s got fantastic range with a unique take on all of the classic bar fare—salads and soups, sandwiches, burgers, steaks and seafood, and the popular Lodge Special that changes daily. As a nod to the theme of the venue, the menu even incorporates wild game!

Enhance Your Team Culture - Yowie's LodgeOur group ordered an assortment of appetizers to share which included the mozzarella cheese bites, venison chili nachos, and buffalo wings.  We were very impressed with the portion sizes, and all were equally delicious. For our group of 10, it was more than enough food to savor over. For drinks, we sampled the Pina Colada and Moscow Mule to quench our thirst. The cozy lodge feeling really makes you feel at home.

Enhance Your Team Culture - Yowie's LodgeThe staff at Yowie’s Lodge was friendly and very attentive to our needs. A huge thank you to our waiter Alejandro who went above and beyond to provide us exceptional service!  Yowie’s Lodge offers unique setting, a nice variety of signature food and beverage offerings, impressive customer service, and is definitely a recommended stop for just about any occasion!

For a full line-up from any of our staff outings, go to our Facebook page to see more! As for those who are considering planning a similar team-building activity or event, these are our recommendations of local businesses that can help you maximize your time while you treat your staff to a change of scenery and a chance to have some fun together outside of the office—whether it is just for a few hours or for the whole day. You’d be amazed at how much you will benefit personally and professionally from spending a little time together in a different environment! For more information on how to be featured please contact us at (402) 466-3330 or Office@StrictlyBusinessOmaha.com.

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