Does Foster Care Lead To Adoption?

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Does Foster Care Lead To Adoption?

Kids come into foster care for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, CEDARS ( goal is to either safely reunite children with their families or find a permanent home for them. Until these goals can be achieved, foster families give kids stability and room to grow as individuals.

Every day, the CEDARS team is working to ensure that over 250 foster children and youth flourish in loving families. Because foster parents are an integral part of the CEDARS professional team, they have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monthly support groups and quarterly gatherings for foster families, as well as regular training opportunities.

“These kids really just want someone who’s going to open their home to them, take time to sit down with them, get to know a little bit about them, simply be their support and give them love,” says Adrianne Poppe, with CEDARS Foster Care team. “Foster care is the situation that these kids are in, but it doesn’t define who they are. They have the same excitement, hope and pride that other children have.”

Every child deserves family. Sometimes a foster care placement can lead to the permanency of adoption. More often, while the child is experiencing the love of a foster family, the child’s biological family will take steps to make their reunification successful. A child can never have too many caring adults to love them.

CEDARS staff walk alongside children and families every step of the way. With encouragement, guidance and direction, the team has the honor of watching lives change.

“I hear it so often from foster parents,” Poppe says, “that fostering is the best thing that happened to them.”

It is important to know that there is no typical CEDARS foster family. CEDARS foster families include parents with children at home, single adults, couples hoping to adopt and empty nesters. To help, all you need is a stable home, an open heart and a willingness to reach out to a child in need. The CEDARS team is committed to providing the best experience possible to foster children and foster families.

If you have ever considered fostering and would like more information, please contact Adrianne Poppe at (402) 890-1410 or