Ichiban Sichuan – Bold. Spicy. Authentic.

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Bold. Spicy. Authentic.

Introducing Ichiban Sichuan (www.ichibanlincoln.com), the newest authentic Japanese restaurant located in the Historic Haymarket!  For those seeking a superior dining experience, Ichiban Sichuan offers patrons the finest sushi and Asian-inspired cuisine. Ichiban Sichuan not only combines different flavors masterfully, but has also done an exceptional job of fusing casual with upscale for a modern yet comfortable atmosphere.  With great lunch specials, a business happy hour, and excellent service to top it off, Ichiban Sichuan is a place where you can relax and enjoy authentic, fresh cuisine with good company. Recently opened in a space that’s been totally revamped, the restaurant is located at 151 N. 8th Street, Suite 100.

Ichiban Sichuan - Restaurant ExposeOur group of six began our Friday evening out here, and Ichiban Sichuan made our sushi dreams come true! We were well taken care of by their incredibly knowledgeable and extraordinary staff.  In terms of rating our overall experience, we have nothing but amazing things to say about all aspects of the restaurant after our visit. Ordering a nice variety of items to share from Ichiban Sichuan’s extensive menu gave us the opportunity to experience new things for the first time and savor some of our traditional favorites. From sushi to Japanese dishes, there is something for everyone! The restaurant design can be described as chic and contemporary, with a casual yet sophisticated feel and a dining room that’s spacious, clean, and modern.

Ichiban Sichuan - Restaurant Expose

We began our dinner with sushi; we couldn’t help ourselves! The sushi offerings on the menu stretch across the full spectrum, from simple staple rolls to the moderate and advanced combinations found in their specialty rolls. Among the large selection of sushi available, some you’ll find to be standard rolls and others that are custom—all are fresh and done to perfection. We ordered the Ichiban Roll, Lobster Tempura Roll, Volcano Roll, Sweet Potato Tempura Roll, and the American Dream Roll. They arrived in the classic “sushi boat,” which always scores big points for presentation. It was an amazing way to showcase our assortment of sushi.  While all of the sushi we ordered was delicious and the composition of each roll was incredible, our favorite by far was the Ichiban Roll. We must point out that there is a reason it’s named after the restaurant. This house specialty roll is deep-fried and made up of so much yummy goodness–crabmeat, avocado and cream cheese inside, and topped with spicy crabmeat, spicy mayo, and eel sauce. It is hands-down a must-try! The presentation of the sushi, as well as with the entrees, is a thing of beauty alone.  We will let the pictures do most of the talking from here, but the highlights for us were definitely the Ichiban Roll and the American Dream Roll, although we found everything we ordered to be tasty. The quality of ingredients is there, and you can tell. Our group was a mix between sushi lovers and newbies who had never tried it before, and everyone was pleased with what we ordered.

Although the sushi was our most anticipated part of dinner, there were more than a few items we found within Ichiban Sichuan’s wide variety of entrée choices that were almost impossible to pass up—decisions, decisions. For the main course, we opted to try the much-talked-about Japanese Hot Pot. Ichiban Sichuan is the only venue in Lincoln to offer this authentic entree, so as you can imagine we were looking forward to experiencing it for ourselves! As a completely new concept to us, and for those whom maybe unfamiliar, the hot pot features paper-thin slices of tender meat and fresh vegetables cooked together in a large open pot, similar to the popular fondue concept. The hot pot comes with the raw meats of your choice, combined with a medley of other nourishing and tasty vegetables and other ingredients, all simmered in a broth of your choice (one side is mild, the other spicy). It’s a really cool concept but it may not be for everyone. The best part about the hot pot is that the ingredients can be customized to your own taste and preferences. It’s a great option for groups sharing a delicious, unique meal as there’s a fun, social element to it. It’s easy to make and easy to eat! We’re glad we were able to experience it for ourselves but probably won’t order again our next visit.

Ichiban Sichuan - Restaurant ExposeIn addition to the hot pot, we tried the Walnut Shrimp, which came highly recommended by our server, Mei Fun w/ Chicken and their version of an American Chinese cuisine favorite, General T’so Chicken. These entrées were seasoned and cooked perfectly, and were large portion sizes for a very reasonable price. Come hungry in order to enjoy both the sushi and the main courses! We highly recommend coming with a group of friends to share dishes as there is so much on the menu to try.

Our food came out at lightning speed! It’s also important to mention that Ichiban Sichuan pays extraordinary attention to cooking dishes in a healthier way, to provide the most nutritious food possible and elevate the flavor. The staff at Ichiban Sichuan did a great job of delivering an exceptional experience all around, ensuring that everything was in place for us to enjoy a great meal in an authentic setting. Needless to say, we really enjoyed our dinner!

Are you drooling yet? If you are looking for fresh, authentic, and creative sushi and Japanese cuisine with a twist, head to Ichiban Sichuan!  Our meal was nothing short of amazing and our visit one of a kind and time well spent! Fantastic cuisine, excellent staff, and inviting environment make this a very special place, and our new go-to spot for sushi!

Ichiban Sichuan Logowww.IchibanLincoln.com • 151 N. 8th St #100 • (402) 904-4190


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