Krueger Development – From The Ground Up

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Krueger Development – From The Ground Up

For over 30 years Krueger Development ( has contributed to Lincoln’s residential and commercial marketplace by developing residential and commercial communities, retail centers and multi-family residences. Family owned and operated, Krueger Development strives to bring long-term value to its’ clients and community. Street design and dirt moving; structural design and construction; finish design including painting and carpet installation, and finally landscape design and planting are completed with the staff of 40.

Currently, Krueger Development is continuing to expand its focus primarily in south Lincoln. Just south of Pine Lake off 14th street they are bringing a newer type of concept to the community with an innovative 3 story mixed use building with underground parking. The building, currently under construction, has over 14,400 square feet of commercial space on the first floor and 40 one-bedroom apartment residences on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The underground parking adds convenience, security, and protection from weather.

Continuing south on 14th street toward Yankee Hill Road, Krueger Development is working on expanding its’ Yankee Hill Business Center—a commercial district with businesses that own or rent their work space. Nine thousand square feet of commercial space is available for future development. Spaces are available to own or lease ranging from a 1,250 square foot area to a 9,000 square foot area. Krueger Development has staff that is ready to design a building and tailor the interiors to meet the specific needs of an individual business.

The existing zoning allows for a wide number of uses to be located in Yankee Hill Business Center. Everything from office, to flex space, day care and family fun centers are already enjoying the superior location of the Yankee Hill Business Center.

Krueger Development is also building the Woodlands at Yankee Hill, located on the south side of Yankee Hill between 70th and 84th streets. With the upgraded paving of Yankee Hill and the close proximity of the new schools, YMCA, and parks this neighborhood is fast becoming Lincoln’s newest location to live and play. The single family lots are currently being developed and sold to individuals and builders. The commercial corner at 70th and Yankee Hill will start construction with the completion of the major street improvements. The Enterprise Center located on the west side of 84th has already started selling lots to business owners.

“At Krueger Development, we continue to build the future of our home town, Lincoln.” -Rick Krueger

For more information on Krueger Development and its’ services please contact us at 402.423.7377 or visit our website at