Tru-Built Takes Pride In Every Project They Complete

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Tru-Built is a remodeling and new construction firm that offers both residential and commercial services. They offer a wide variety of services ranging from deck and window replacements, general remodeling, extensive remodels, new home construction, and commercial projects.  Tru-Built started in 1999 while Bo and Steve were attending UNL.

Who are the owners/important executives?
Supervisors include Melissa Fisher who is our resident designer, Tucker Lange who is our drafter, Jared Muth who oversees residential and commercial remodeling projects, Dave Egge who oversees commercial projects and new home construction, and Dennis Barnhill who runs our window and siding projects. Bo Jones and Steve Powell are co-owners and are active in project management.

What do you think makes you different from other companies similar to yours?
Because of our diversity in project offerings we find ourselves meeting the needs of our clients at home and work. For example we have one client that we have added a custom conservatory to their home, replaced their roof, torn down an old cabin to build a new lake home, installed an outdoor kitchen, remodeled several commercial rental properties, and repaired miscellaneous small items at their mother’s home prior to selling.

What do you like about doing business in Lincoln?
The people of Lincoln are great and we are part of a tight knit community that offers a wide range of projects. When we do a good job for a client they aren’t afraid to tell their friends and family.

What kind of community organizations/groups are you involved with?
Home Builders Association & NARI – National Association of Remodelers.

Do you have a business philosophy or mission statement?
We operate on a very basic principle of “do what’s right” for our clients, our employees, and our families.

What changes have you seen in the industry and your company in the past few years?
With all the new technology, we are meeting with clients that are far more educated and the ideas are now coming in on iPads with Pinterest or Houzz pages bookmarked instead of conceptual drawings.

What do you see happening with the business in the next five years?
Hopefully we continue to grow and diversify and become known as one of the top builders in Lincoln.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about your business that most people don’t know?
That we own a company called Lancaster Conservatories that manufactures and builds high-end custom sunrooms and conservatories all over the US and Canada.

What is one of the biggest challenges that your company has faced?
Purchasing the company that became Lancaster Conservatories was more difficult than we anticipated. Negotiations and ultimately the purchase of a company based in Boston to then move everything back to Lincoln was quite the project. The end result is that we get to offer a great product that is backed by Nebraska values.

What has been your most important achievement as a business?
Our network of clients, subcontractors, and employees. The biggest compliment we can get as a business is to have a client either come back to us for additional work or for them to refer us to someone they know. It takes a great team working together to achieve such a high level of client satisfaction.

What was the biggest turning point in your business?
When Steve and I as owners made the decision to release the reigns and let our team go to work.

What is one goal for your business in the future?
Continuing to help our employees to accomplish their personal goals.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
We would like to thank all of our clients for their support. We have had a lot of fun and we look forward to getting to know many more in the future.


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