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Designed to preserve the rich history of the original grounds Wyuka’s buildings reflect the desire of our founders, staff and family of supporters to be one of continued service to this community, as well as a restful place for loved ones who have passed on. Wyuka Cemetery has a funeral home, which is one of Lincoln’s premiere choices of funeral care. The funeral home’s staff is committed to preserving Wyuka Cemetery’s rich heritage and tradition of care.

Established in 2000, Wyuka Funeral Home is committed to preserving Wyuka Cemetery’s rich heritage and beauty. The funeral home’s 9,700 square feet offers you and your family complete funeral care services. Wyuka Funeral Home is located on cemetery grounds, so your family is able to make all arrangements from one convenient location at affordable prices.  For over 144 years Wyuka Cemetery has played an integral part of the lives Nebraskans. During that time its grounds have been host to family gatherings of all kinds. To this day, our visitors tell us stories of their visits to Wyuka for celebrating birthdays and family reunions and celebrating the lives of their loved ones in death. Wyuka is a Lakota Indian word meaning “to rest” and upon entering the grounds many tell us a “feeling of calm” comes over them. You are invited to tour the 140-plus rolling acres of trees, shrubs and flower gardens that make Wyuka Cemetery one of the most quietly beautiful places in our state.

What do you think makes you different from other companies similar to yours?
Our funeral directors welcome your questions about costs because the more completely you understand funeral costs, the less chance there will be for apprehension or misunderstanding. There are a wide range of funeral services from which to choose. Since each funeral is planned to meet the special needs of the family, it is difficult to speak in generalities about the “typical” funeral or “typical” costs. There are certain expenses basic to almost every funeral, but many are determined by the selections that are made, the services specified and the additional items requested.

Who are the employees in the business?
Mike Williams: President and Funeral Director; Philip Roewert: Funeral and Sales Director; Stefani Drew: Community Relations Coordinator; Cyndy Ricketts, Dale Sutter and Bruce Debus: Family Service Counselors. Diane Bohlken, Steve Matzen and grounds crew. Office staff: Kathy Clark-Klein and Holly Adams. Also, Board of Trustees Ron Busch, Robert Fitzsimmons, Faye Osborn, Lloyd Hinkley, Jeff Schumacher.

What has been your most important role as a business?
Thoughtful preparation can offer peace of mind not only to the one making the plans but also to those left behind. Preplanning is also a practical gesture because it allows you to make unhurried, informed decisions. Preplanning compels you to organize important documents your survivors will need later. With advance planning, you can choose a reasonable budget, and even set aside the funds over a period of time, to ease the financial burden to your family. There are several important things to consider when preplanning. You will want to consider any religious practices that are expected by your faith. You should consider your family members and their desire to participate in the service by not over planning ahead of time. Instead, make general suggestions that can be adapted or adjusted to make the funeral more meaningful to the participants. Refrain from impractical request. Your funeral director can discuss the many pre planned and preneed plans available, and help you select or design one suited to your personal needs. If at all possible, discuss these plans with your family, for the assurance your plans are appropriate, and for their cooperation in respecting them at death. Most people are financially prepared for accidents to their home and automobiles. Many are even financially prepared to handle long-term illness. However, few are financially prepared for their final place of rest.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
A new addition to Wyuka Cemetery in 2013 will include two new community mausoleums.


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