Intriguing statement “The Environment Always Wins!” The environment is everything, person, and thought that we have. We are like sponges and soak up what we are around every day. After a while, what’s in the sponge is what we become.

If you are  putting up with fear of what the future is going to bring, stress, a feeling of anxiousness, innovation is low, production is down from your people, your powering through what you need to do, work is not fun, there’s not enough time, you’re working more than ever before, and we could go on and on…then your environment is kicking your …ask yourself these questions;

• When’s the last time I spent time thinking about how big I want my business to grow?

• Have I been thinking more about how to survive instead of thrive?

• If I were to take the problem off the table, as if it doesn’t exist, what would I be doing right now?

• What and how was I thinking about my business the last time I was having amazing growth?

• Who am I as a person right now? What and who is around me to cause me to be this person? You will see things you like and things you don’t like. They are all a mirror of who you have become!

• Who would I like to become? What and who do I need to have around me right now to become this person?

The environment can be an obstacle or it can draw you forward. We like to think of environments as partners. Your environments can be designed to make things easier for you, to automate processes – whether it is actions, mental processes, or personal habits. Being deliberate about your environments creates a relationship with them – which allows them to support and sustain you as you move forward.

How can you start to design your environments to draw you forward?

Write a list of anything that bugs you, gets under your skin, annoys you, distracts you or creates frustration or delay in your business and life. It might look something like this: clutter, negative relationships, information overload, draining thoughts or beliefs, low energy, a long “to-do” list, lack of reserves (financial, emotional, spiritual, physical), or anything else a person complains about.

Start zapping them. There are two ways to zap toleration, (1) by changing the situation so the toleration no longer exists. That can include walking away from it. (2) Change your attitude about it to either accept or surrender. Then the toleration stops sapping your energy and is really no longer negative.

“The Environment Always Wins!” is a powerful statement. You can either continue to allow your environments to be your biggest influence in who you are, or your can start designing your environments and become who you really want to be.

by Coach Lori Botz, President, Coach2Win
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