How GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Business


Although it’s gaining more and more recognition, GPS tracking for company fleets is still a relatively new service and many business owners are unsure of what the benefits are to them and why they would need to incorporate such technology.  The truth is, GPS tracking is an invaluable service for any business that has company vehicles, whether their fleet consists of one vehicle or one hundred vehicles.  There are numerous reasons to consider this service for your own business.  Here are a few of the most common benefits that business owners will see shortly after incorporating a GPS tracking service:

Reduce fuel costs:  By eliminating speeding and unauthorized vehicle usage and by optimizing routes, a business can save hundreds of dollars a month per vehicle on fuel costs.  The average fleet is able to reduce fuel costs by 13%.

Reduce maintenance costs:  Incorporating a GPS tracking system will help you ensure your drivers are operating their vehicle at the optimal speeds to reduce maintenance costs.  Sustained speeds raise tire temperatures and cause them to deteriorate rapidly.  Tire wear will almost double at road speeds of 70 mph or greater.  In addition, gears, bearings, clutches and suspension and drive trains wear much faster at higher speeds. Increasing speed from 50 mph to 60 mph increases maintenance cost by 38%. Increasing the speed to 70 mph increases the cost by 80%.

Improve productivity:  With GPS tracking, you’ll know where your employees are at all times.  This improves productivity as it ensures that your fleet drivers are where they are supposed to be (on a project or en route).

Ensure driver safety:  If your drivers ever become lost, have vehicle trouble or are otherwise experiencing a problem, you will know immediately where to send help.

Reduce labor costs: Making your drivers accountable for all the hours they claim to have worked is another benefit of GPS tracking.  Implementing a GPS tracking system saves a business owner an average of $5,484 per employee annually.

Improve response times: You can always dispatch the closest driver when a service or delivery call comes in because you’ll know where each member of your team is located.  Your customer will be serviced more quickly and you will save gas by eliminating unneccesary drive time.

Optimize communication: Management and communication with your fleet is optimized as you are able to reach them through Garmin capable GPS Tracking Devices.

Ensure theft recovery: If a vehicle from your fleet is ever stolen, alerts and maps help you identify the theft and authorities are able to recover it with minute-by-minute tracking.

When you take all things into consideration, the benefits of incorporating a GPS tracking system are many while there is little to no downside.  Think of the stress, time and cost a theft would cause.  Even if this never occurs, the peace of mind a GPS system guarantees is invaluable.  Add this to the time and money you will save through optimized routes, reduction of fuel, maintenance and payroll costs and the overall better customer service you will be able to offer and it becomes clear that the minimal investment of approximately $1 per day per vehicle is well worth it.

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