Lincoln Business Association – What LIBA Has Done for You Lately!

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What LIBA Has Done for You Lately!

When the pandemic began to impact the operations of our community, at LIBA we chose to make sure to be available for our businesses. First and foremost, it was vital for our offices to be open and ready to help the business owners of this community as they were figuring out how to operate within the parameters placed upon them by government. Our goal at LIBA was to change our staffing model of the office and still maintain full office hours as usual. I am so proud of the LIBA staff for their efforts to make sure we were available to assist our business owners when they called or stopped into our offices.

Below are some of the highlights of ways LIBA helped our local businesses:

  • Worked with Congressman Fortenberry and the Small Business Administration (SBA) to put on teleconferences and webinars to help business owners learn more about the various programs available to small business owners and to ask questions to get the help they needed.
  • As new information and resources became available at the local, state, and national levels, we shared information via social media and through email communications with members.
  • In cooperation with the Nebraska Retail Federation and Sandhills Global—in the very early stages of the pandemic—we built and launched a website ( for businesses to sell gift cards, which allowed many of our small, local businesses to generate revenue to help keep their businesses open.
  • To continue engaging with members, we launched a weekly Facebook live event with the help of No Coast Business Advisors. These live events were informational and brought together guests who could share their stories of how they have adapted to the pandemic as a way of sharing ideas. Other guests included local and state officials talking about the way we respond to the pandemic. The engagement in these events was from members and the community at-large.
  • As businesses were allowed to open again in early summer, we followed suit by hosting in-person events for our members, while following the directed health measures, allowing businesses the opportunity to connect again.
  • As a member of the economic recovery task force, I advocated for ways the city could make it easier for our local, small businesses to conduct business with the city. This program is now in effect in Lincoln.
  • During the football season we worked with our members to have mini-tailgate events to get people out on game day to support our local businesses.
  • As the Christmas holiday approached, we again promoted to help small business generate revenue for the holiday shopping season.
  • We created a weekly policy update for members to provide updates on local, state, and national policies impacting small business owners.
  • Beginning in January, we have gone back to regularly scheduled in-person events three times per month and are following all local government guidelines while providing masks and hand sanitizer for attendees and working with business owners in the planning to protect everyone involved.
    We hosted an in-person forum for all City Council candidates.

LIBA is proud to stand as the voice of small business and provide business owners with direction for the resources they want and need to help stay open and serve their customers. We will continue to be here as the resource and voice for small business.

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