Jet Splash is Lincoln, Nebraska’s Top of the Line Full Service Car Wash

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JetSplash was founded in Lincoln in February 2003. In the past decade, JetSplash has grown to 4 Lincoln locations. All locations offer quality exterior car washes, including hand prepping and hand drying in 5 minutes.  In addition, our first Lincoln location at Highway 2 and Pioneers Blvd. has a detail center which offers interior cleaning and detailing.  All of our locations focus on providing customers with a quality exterior wash in 5 minutes.  JetSplash always strives to keep current on the newest wash technology. The result is a better wash, in less time, offering the best customer experience possible.  Over 7 years ago, JetSplash added free vacuums for the convenience of our customers. Each location has at least 10 vacuum locations, which allows customers to get a wash and vacuum their vehicle thoroughly and quickly.

Jet_SplashJetSplash offers many wash programs to make the most out of your washing experience. JetSplash features Unlimited Wash Memberships that are a great way to keep your vehicle clean without having to worry about the weather.  Memberships are tracked by the vehicle’s license plate or with an internal RFID tag.  Members never have to worry about keeping track of a membership card and can wash an unlimited number of times per month for one price.  JetSplash also offers Bundle Washes for fleet accounts or families with multiple vehicles that save up to 40% when pre-paying for multiple washes.  Company vehicles tell your customers a lot about your company and your image. Pre-paid Bundle Washes allow your employees to keep their fleet vehicle clean and make it easy to track washes by vehicle.  Our Bundle Washes can be used at any of our 4 locations, they never expire, and they can be used on any company vehicle.

Being an active member of the Lincoln community is important for us.  JetSplash annually donates in-kind washes and detail services to multiple fundraisers. We have also partnered with over 50 local non-profit organizations and local groups to help them raise money.  These partners sell washes and retain 50% of all sales for their use. JetSplash is also proud of our involvement with the Drive Clean Student Awareness Program for all high schools in Lincoln and the surrounding communities.

JetSplash strives to always better our company on a daily basis to provide our customers with the best possible service.  JetSplash has on-site managers at each location at all times as well as over 100 hard-working employees who are responsible for our success.  JetSplash also has used customer feedback on a daily basis to provide our customers with services that meet their car washing needs.  JetSplash focuses on cleaning cars efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

JetSplash expects to continue to strategically grow.  We have expanded tremendously in the last 4 years, adding 3 new locations.  Our primary focus is to continue to produce a great product with a friendly staff at the most technologically advanced facilities possible. We would like to continue to build locally and then possibly expand to other markets.  We appreciate all of our loyal JetSplash customers and know that we wouldn’t be where we are without their continued patronage.

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3800 S. 9th St.
1641 N. 86th St.
2730 Dan Ave.
7355 Crosslake Lane

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