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Join Shepherd’s Rest Goat & Sheep Rescue for Upcoming Goat Yoga Events

Shepherd’s Rest Goat & Sheep Rescue (shepherdsrestrescue@gmail.com) has announced two goat yoga sessions on June 12 and 26. These events will begin at 10 a.m. and last approximately an hour. The June 12 session will be held at the Shepherd’s Rest farm at 426 W Cedar Rd., Pickrell, NE, and the June 26 session will be held at Gateway Mall, 6100 O St. Lincoln Yoga Center will be leading both sessions. Afterwards, you are welcome to pose, spend extra time cuddling with goats, take a tour, or explore the walking trails at the rescue. Cost is $20 a person with proceeds going to support the goats at Shepherd’s Rest, a Nebraska nonprofit organization with a goal to give goats and sheep a forever home.

Shepherd’s Rest Goat & Sheep Rescue is all about bringing together animals and humans in a way that is healing for both. The organization exists to rescue, rehabilitate, adopt, and provide sanctuary for goats and sheep in need. They also offer education to the public about goats and sheep as therapy animals, provide qualified animal-assisted therapy, and train others to provide qualified animal-assisted therapy with sheep and goats adopted through their program.

To schedule your own session with Shepherd’s Rest Goat & Sheep Rescue, contact Jen at (402) 580-5299 / shepherdsrestrescue@gmail.com. More information can also be found on Facebook (@ShepherdsRestRescue).