Anonymous for Men – Fashion In Lincoln, NE


Located on 2600 N. 48th Street, Anonymous for Men is owned by Connie Liesmeyer.  Connie describes the store as being ideal for men of any age who want to walk into a store that carries merchandise a little bit different than the typical Lincoln store, but who also wants to feel comfortable and at ease while shopping.  She said most commonly, her customers are middle-aged men who are looking for something fashionable and trendy, yet appropriate for work or for casual events in town.  She states that she gets a lot of inspiration from going to market in bigger cities, but realizes she needs to tone down some of the trends as Lincoln is more conservative than many of the larger cities.  She adds that she likes to carry a variety of brands and styles so that a mother can walk in and shop for her high school or college aged son or an older professional man can find something for himself.

Anonymous carries everything from jeans and t-shirts to dressier pants and shirts as well as accessories including hats, watches and sunglasses.  Her brands include Silver, Anama, Levis and Lucky (in jeans though she is looking to bring another brand in this spring), Cutter & Buck and Anama.  This spring she is also going to be following the national trends in menswear and bring in denim jackets, slip-on loafers and sandals.  She also stresses that one of the big trends will be lightweight, khaki pants with woven shirts and she will be carrying numerous items to help her customers achieve this style.

Styles in jeans will continue to be slim and straight, Connie comments, while a new trend in lightweight pants will be khakis that can be rolled up and worn with casual sandals.  Accentuate this look with a trendy hat or pair of sunglasses and you’ve achieved the perfect casual Spring style.

Connie makes sure her store is customer-friendly and she is always available to help her customers shop for themselves or for a spouse or son.  She enjoys explaining new fashion trends to her customers and walking them through everything she offers at Anonymous.  Connie also offers embroidery services so businesses can customize her clothes with a company logo. As a local business owner, Connie also takes great pride in listening to her customers and bringing in brands and fashions that she knows they are interested in.

Visit Anonymous for Men at 2600 N. 48th Street or just click here!