Celebrating Fathers’ Day In Lincoln


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th and should serve as a reminder to all of us just how much our dads have done for us over the years.  Dad was probably there for you as you learned to ride a bike, he attended your little league games and he worked hard to make sure you had everything you needed growing up.  Father’s Day provides a great opportunity to show him just how much he has had an impact on your life.  Unfortunately, many dads can be difficult to buy for as they usually will tell you they don’t need anything.  However, we’ve come up with some ideas that should make their day extra special!

Hobby Materials

What does your dad like to do when he has some time to himself?  Does he gear up for the big game?  Hit the golf course?  Or can you usually find him in the garage, working on one of his cars?  Hobbies are important for dads for a number of reasons, including stress relief, ‘me’ time and the opportunity to connect with other people (including you if it’s the type of hobby he can share with his children).  Most dads would be ecstatic to receive a gift that helps them enjoy their hobby.  Not only will it certainly be something they can use and enjoy, but it also tells them that you’re paying attention and know how important their hobby is to them.

So what types of gifts should you give?  First, determine your father’s favorite hobby (he may have more than one!).  Is it golf?  Perhaps a new putter, a box of golf balls or a gift certificate for a round of golf would be good.  Or maybe you really want to do it up right this year and splurge on a new golf cart for dad.  Even if he isn’t the golfing type, golf carts can be great for those with acreages, especially if your dad is getting to the age where mobility is starting to become an issue.

If cars are more your dad’s thing, you have a number of gift options to consider.  Maybe he just needs a waxing or car washing kit to keep his ‘baby’ shining through the summer months.  Or perhaps you’ve overheard him talking about new rims or another accessory he’s been wanting to buy.  If you really want to treat Dad, consider taking his car in and having a new stereo system put in or have a remote starter installed so he can cool off the car before he gets in (and warm it up in the winter!).  Imagine his surprise when you present him with his beloved car, now new and improved!


You’ve heard the expression ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.  You can apply this to your father’s day gift as well!  It’s likely your dad has his favorite munchies, whether he’s taking them on a hunting trip, eating them while watching his favorite sporting event or raiding the cupboards for them for a late night snack.  “We have a nice combo gift for dads of salted smoked almonds and beef jerky,” says Mary Miller of Totally Nuts.  “Or you can’t go wrong with the always popular ball cap which says, “I’m Totally Nuts”.”  Whether your dad has a sweet tooth, is a sucker for salty treats or any combination of the two, you can present him with a gift that will make him and his stomach very happy!

Father’s Day is the time to show your dad how much he has meant to you over the years and how much he continues to be an important part of your life.  Take a look at what Dad loves doing whenever he has some free time and you’ll be able to select a gift that will truly show how much you care.