Mothers Returning To Work


Many mothers face the situation of returning to work after having children.  Some do so while their kids are still infants after their maternity leave is over.  Other wait until their children are in school or reach some other milestone.  For those mothers returning to work while their child is still a baby, two of the biggest considerations are breastfeeding support and choosing a daycare for their infant.  If you face this issue, please continue reading for some great tips from MilkWorks and Noah’s Ark Daycare.

Breastfeeding Support

Nicole Jacobs, a mother of a two-year old and four-month old, began to use MilkWorks’ services with her first born. Nicole had delivered her daughter through an emergency Cesarean section, a very painful experience. Four months later, her nipples were so damaged from breastfeeding that she went to the hospital with a pain much worse than labor. It was then that Nicole decided she needed some support and guidance to best breastfeed her daughter.
She was devoted to being a breastfeeding mother and MilkWorks provided for her support that was hard to find. MilkWorks’ support group helped Nicole feel secure breastfeeding, and also taught her many lessons about being a new mother.

Four days after her second daughter’s birth, Nicole returned to MilkWorks for personalized help from a lactation consultant. Susie helped Nicole adjust to breastfeeding an infant, which is much different than breastfeeding a toddler. MilkWorks went out of their way to fit Nicole into their completely booked day and even called later that week to see how she was doing.

Nicole’s youngest daughter has milk soy protein intolerance, meaning Nicole has had to cut out dairies and soy proteins from her diet for the baby’s health. MilkWorks also provides for Nicole a helpful listserv with information about MSPI, a convenient service for her now that she is working again. Even with work, Nicole still attends support group, a benefit of MilkWorks she has grown to love because of the comfort she finds in the staff and in her peers.

Selection of a Daycare

Selection of a daycare that is a good fit for your family will make the transition of returning to work easier.  Parents often find it helpful to visit the daycare, with their baby, before the official start date.  This will give you the opportunity to get to know the teachers and staff better, as well as learn the other children’s names, become familiar with the setting, and ease the unfamiliar feelings for both you and baby!  Check into services the daycare provides that allows you to be a part of your baby’s day, even though you are not there.

Centers like Noah’s Ark provide private nursing rooms (you may have a lunch hour you can spend with baby!), e-mailed photos and updates, and daily reports reflecting how your baby’s day was.  You’ll also want to make sure that you are well prepared for baby’s first day!  If you have not turned in the required paperwork yet, make sure to provide it to the office that morning.  Also bring a generous stash of the things your baby will need that the center does not provide – such as diapers and special formula – and personal items for your baby like a pacifier and blanket.  Your contact information should be complete and included in the paperwork, but it is important to always inform your daycare if there have been any phone number or extensions changes, alternative contacts if you can not be reached, or even a temporary phone number you can be reached at if you are temporarily unavailable at your usual number.  Having a clear understanding of your expectations, daycare policies, etc. as well as open communication lines between your family and the daycare will help everyone feel more comfortable!

If you’re a new mother returning to work, good luck and make sure you tap into the many resources that are available to new moms in the city.