Pet Care in Lincoln, NE – 2020

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Pet Care

Owning a pet is a wonderful thing at any time in life, but right now people are looking to their pets for comfort and companionship more than ever before. Our furry friends bring us a sense of normalcy and predictability to our lives. When everything around us is changing, our pets are still there wagging their tails or purring by our sides.

Taking care of your pet is just as important today as it was before society became overturned by the pandemic. Pets still need to be fed, walked, groomed, and cared for in a variety of other ways. We talked with local pet care experts to get their thoughts on important things to consider during today’s unusual circumstances as we care for our pets.

Danetta Jensen
Canine Design

Danetta Jensen with Canine Design, located off of Holdrege and 56th, spoke to the importance of keeping as normal a routine as possible for your pet.

“Your pet will notice if you are anxious or distracted and suddenly not taking them for regular grooming appointments,” she said. “Continue offering your pet the care it needs. We’ve taken extra safety precautions at Canine Design to wipe down surfaces and keep things clean. We will also go outside to pick up your pet from you and bring your pet out when we are finished, if you prefer. You can rest assured your pet will continue to be your happy companion through hard times if they continue to get their nails and hair trimmed so they aren’t itchy or snagging their toenails on the carpet.”

The groomers at Canine Design are focused on quality of pet care, not quantity. This is why each groomer only tends to about 4–5 pups a day. It’s not an assembly line to them—the same groomer will be with your dog from start to finish, allowing them to relax and feel comfortable throughout the grooming process. Maintaining a limited number of clients also means less in-and-out foot traffic at the shop.

Dian Quist
Kenl Inn

Dian Quist, manager of Kenl Inn, shared her advice for pet owners who have suddenly found themselves spending a lot of time at home with their pets during community-wide shutdowns.

“Even as you’re enjoying extra snuggles and playtime with your pet, remember to prepare for the day when you will return to your office and won’t be spending as much time together,” she said. “If we aren’t careful, our pets can become too dependent on us and experience separation anxiety when we’re suddenly not available. Take action to prevent this by letting your pet roam around in the backyard alone while you’re home, placing your pet in a kennel for a short time, or taking your pet to a daycare like Kenl Inn to get a healthy dose of time away.”

Dave Titterington
Arnie’s Pet Food Store

For pets who are prone to separation anxiety regardless of the steps you take to prevent this, Dave Titterington with Arnie’s Pet Food Store has a solution.

“CBD for pets has proven beneficial for treating anxiety and depression in pets,” he said. “CBD is also helpful for seizures or epilepsy, chronic pain and arthritis, nausea, aggressive behavior, cancer, glaucoma, loss of appetite, digestive and intestinal problems, and skin and coat issues. Arnie’s Pet Food Store carries a complete line of pet CBD products to treat any issue your dog or cat may be suffering from. Pet CBD products offered at Arnie’s are organic and safely extracted from the plant without using chemicals. They are the highest quality on the market, vet approved, and backed by documented quality assurance. Our curbside pickup and free delivery makes it easy to get the very best products for your pet.”

Remember it is just as important now as it has ever been to offer your pets proper love and care so they don’t become overwhelmed by the crisis. Keep them healthy and happy, and they will help keep you happy!



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