Summer is here! Having a functional and visually appealing home for all of summer’s fun activities is crucial. It’s the prime time to update air conditioning units, lighting, flooring, paint and outdoor spaces such as decks and patios to brave its host/hostess’s summer events. It’s amazing how much of a difference even the tiniest remodeling or home improvement project can make!

Buying a new home is expensive. Not only is it stressful to purchase the home itself, but home inspections, realtor costs and moving companies are far from cheap. Imagine going through all this trouble to settle for a house that has almost everything desired. A cost-effective solution to remedy this unneeded anxiety is residential remodeling and home improvement, where one can learn to fall in love with their home all over again.

Residential remodeling and home improvement are unique to the homeowner’s specific wants and needs and allows the homeowner to live out more home memories. Not to mention, remodeling and home improvement will increase the value of the home for profit in the future! To maximize the homeowner experience and its unavoidable ups and downs, consider the following reasons why residential remodeling and home improvement are primary factors in homeowner happiness:

  • Take the opportunity to fix a safety issue. Some renovation projects simply shouldn’t be put off, especially if the problems must be addressed to keep the household safe or prevent catastrophe. Electrical problems, leaking roofs or foundation cracks are cause for concern and present the opportunity to start that long-dreamed-of remodel.
  • Increase the home’s efficiency. Efficiency remodeling can decrease energy costs and pay for themselves over time. Not to mention, new windows, heating pumps and added insulation are attractive to buyers as they know costs will be lower on an energy-efficient home in the long run.
  • Upgrade house function to better suit individual needs. Mornings can be stressful without bumping into family members. Remodeling is sometimes necessary for convenience and time, so remodeling allows for that extra bathroom when getting ready during busy mornings, that extra space in the kitchen for preparing meals or that extra closet for wet and muddy coats and boots. It’s amazing how much a little more convenience can make a whole day run smoother!
  • Make it a place of peace. Remodeling should also be about comfort and enjoyment. It’s called a “home” for a reason. After a long day of work, it’s important to return to a place that fulfills the body’s nature desire for rest and relaxation.
  • Increase the home’s resale value. If listing the house on the market is in the near or even far future, remodeling should be used to create a space on which the owner can capitalize on the return. Projects that have the best immediate return include opening up the main living space, replacing the front door and updating the kitchen or bathroom.

It can be hard to know where to start or to know when one’s DIY capabilities have reached their max. Thankfully, Lincoln is home to some of the best professionals, ready, qualified and experienced to turn any homeowner’s dream into a reality. If residential remodeling or home improvement still don’t seem as appealing as buying a brand new home, Lincoln’s professionals will prove that remodeling and home improvement are possible in any case at any budget.

Brilliant Brick

Yankee Hill Brick ( collaborates with local contractors to supply high-quality brick in an assortment of colors and styles. Brick is a durable material for siding and is perfect for a sturdy retaining wall or landscape outline. Its classic aesthetic is perfect for any remodeling look that maybe leans historical, yet is also suitable for any remodel with the goal to charm. Brick is a material of such variety that anyone can turn to it to reliably spruce up the exterior of every home.

Established in 1881, Yankee Hill curates its own naturally sustainable bricks with raw ingredients from its own on-site mine. The manufacturing produces little to no waste since the rejected bricks are recycled into the new. Yankee Hill therefore creates its own clay mixes via its own high-temperature firing kiln, which allows for the production of any and all brickwork looks. Even better, Yankee Hill’s products are Certified LEED green products by the U.S. Green Building Council, displaying their dedication to sustainable building practices. They also import selections of bricks from other manufacturers with the goal to support and complement local Nebraska businesses.

Yankee Hill Brick prides itself on offering the best brick products, reliability and dependability being something on which contractors have learned to rely. Many award-winning projects have even specified the use of Yankee Hill brick. Yankee Hill is a competitive choice for architects looking to construct high-quality, flawless designs. Luckily, residential remodeling requires no architectural knowledge, so visit Yankee Hill Brick for the best sustainable brick to highlight any home’s exterior character.

Great-Looking Garage Doors

A garage door might not be the first thing one thinks about or wants to which one wants to designate money during a residential remodel. But, when you think about it, garage doors can actually take up a large portion of the front of a home, either boosting or limiting a house’s curb appeal. Luckily, Overhead Door of Lincoln ( offers a multitude of garage-door options for residential properties. Who knew there were so many gorgeous garage doors from which to choose? Here are some options:

  • Modern Aluminum—Sleek and sophisticated, Overhead Door’s Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors offer a unique look for contemporary homes.
  • Courtyard Collection—Designed with the beauty of traditional carriage house doors, these insulated steel doors enhance the look of any home.
  • Signature® Carriage—Featuring expert Amish craftsmanship, these detailed carriage house doors feature the look of the swing-open doors with the functionality of sectional garage doors
  • Carriage House Collection—With high-design, thermal performance and the durability you need, these doors combine elegance and strength.

Classy Construction

The top struggle for homeowners is figuring out whom to hire to remodel their house. Everyone has heard the common advice “Get three free estimates.” Unfortunately, this advice can set up homeowners for a nightmare experience.

Consider this real scenario. A homeowner wants a large deck replaced. They receive “three free estimates” at $20k, $45k and $70k. How could the prices be so different? Was the $20k estimate a set up or the $70k estimate taking advantage of them? It is easy to assume the safest choice is the middle option of $45k. This homeowner hired them and was left with a deck that had bumps in the floor boards, fasteners falling out on the ground below and framing that would not pass code.

Homeowners should focus on researching, interviewing and comparing the service that each company provides. Don’t assume that every remodeling company is the same.

Jason Willet
Willet Construction

Willet Construction ( has made a checklist of 23 questions that are imperative to ask before signing any contract or agreement. Here are 5 questions to help get started.

  1. Do they provide a detailed, scope-of-work document as part of the construction contract so all the construction tasks are contractual and cannot be changed?
  2. Do they provide a job calendar so you know what is happening each day along with your starting and ending dates?
  3. Are they a design/build company who provides architectural, design and construction services?
  4. Do they provide elevations and 3D renderings so you can visualize the project before construction starts?
  5. The home was built before 1978, what does federal law say about hiring an EPA Lead Certified Company?

See them at, or call (402) 971-7838.

Delightful Outdoor Decor

Merritt Concrete ( stands out with its unique range of products that can transform any outdoor space into a personal sanctuary. While it’s easy to overlook the exterior of a property, Merritt’s offerings, including ready-mix concrete, landscaping rock, and mulch, can play a crucial role in ensuring that the outside of every home mirrors its interior.

Terry Howell
Merritt Concrete

As the summer approaches, Merritt experiences a surge in business, with popular projects including patio extensions, new driveways, and the installation of outdoor fireplaces or fire pits. Merritt Concrete is a start-to-finish ready-mix concrete solution that offers volumetric concrete trucks to deliver your concrete and an expert flatwork team to finish it. Our products are designed to make all your projects less daunting and more DIY-friendly. For those looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces, Merritt’s ready-mix concrete is a perfect choice for patio additions or walkway construction. River rock, another essential landscaping element, can create an aesthetically pleasing exterior. But Merritt’s offerings don’t end there. Customers can also use their high-quality sand to enhance backyard entertainment elements, such as above-ground pools, hot tubs, or sandboxes.

“The best thing a person can do when starting any project or remodel is to have an open mind,” says General Manager Terry Howell. “It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the options and tools, so Merritt’s mission is to help guide and inform customers so they might find exactly what they want. More than anything, it’s important to enjoy the process and to watch your long-developed vision come to life!”

Being open-minded and patient while discovering what a space can become is important to a successful residential remodeling strategy. Allow Merritt Concrete to set the foundation for your dream remodel.

Sensational Sprinkler Systems

Hunt Irrigation Inc. (, the Water Smart Company, has the best advice when it comes to saving water. July is Smart Irrigation Month across the United States, so take an active role in celebrating by hearing what Hunt Irrigation Inc. has to say!

First and foremost, consider upgrading old irrigation controllers with a more reliable WiFi controller, which controls the irrigation system’s output based on what the controller finds after reading the base watering program and the local weather conditions. It then adjusts accordingly for a perfect irrigation every time, improving water savings by as much as 35%!

Jeremy Hunt
Hunt Irrigation

Rain sensors are also another great water conservation tool. They’re simple, affordable and reliable in detecting rainfall, which then communicates to the irrigation controller that the irrigation system needs to halt during a weather event with precipitation.

Likewise, pressure-regulated sprinklers reduce water consumption by regulating water pressures to the most efficient levels, between 30 and 65psi. This is important and should not be overlooked because some Lincoln neighborhoods have water pressure as high as 100psi, which disrupts the functioning of irrigation systems.

To prevent water spotting around windows, brick and siding, drip zones are an efficient and discreet way to slow the growth of weeds. Drip zones only water plants, not the entire landscape bed, which makes pulling weeds less of a hassle.

“Water-smart irrigation systems not only benefit customers’ wallets, but also the unreliable summer climate, and Hunt Irrigation’s services tune in to the needs, wants and expectations of every client,” says Owner Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt irrigation Inc. can provide these expert services for anyone wishing to take on irrigation during their residential remodeling. Hit up Hunt Irrigation to upgrade old irrigation systems or to install a new system entirely!

Powerful Impressions with Paint

Paint has the power to completely change the look of a room or house. A fresh coat of paint is invaluable and is sometimes all it takes to make a house look like new again, no matter if it is the inside or the outside. Walter’s Paint Inc. ( is a local business that can make those transformations come to life. Walter’s Painting offers efficient and reliable service and is especially helpful to those with a busy schedule, minimally disrupting the client’s daily routine. Painting projects don’t have to be expensive or take up valuable time, and Walter’s Painting can ensure that is the reality!

Jeff Walters
Walter’s Painting Inc.

Walter’s Painting offers free estimates and high-caliber prep work, and to guarantee the painting job is satisfactory to the client, consultation is available after the first coat of paint.

“Painting can take up precious time that could be spent elsewhere when remodelers attempt to do the tedious painting work themselves,” says Jeff Walters, owner. “Today’s fast paced lifestyle means most people simply don’t have the time for improvements such as painting or plastering, especially the prep work that naturally comes with the process. For that reason, we strive to make the process stress and worry-free, so remodelers have one less thing to keep them up at night. Our goal is to provide premium quality products and services that produce the most outstanding results.”

Walter’s Painting is willing to go the extra mile. Their mission is to make certain that all clients love their finished product and are completely satisfied with the results.

Effortless-looking Exteriors

Amplifying curb appeal is a sure-fire solution to increasing the resale value of any home undergoing a residential remodel. Spicing up the exterior of the home by updating siding, roofing or decking can do wonders for the home’s overall impression. As everyone knows, first impressions are everything!

Uriah Sawyer
Sawyer Exteriors

Sawyer Exteriors ( is a local business that specializes in renovation and new home builds. Sawyer Exteriors has been in increased demand for their expertise in fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding is not only aesthetically attractive, but it also does a great job of protecting the interior of the home. Fiber cement is comprised of a combination of cement, cellulose or wood fibers, sand and water, which makes it durable, low maintenance, versatile, energy efficient and sustainable as a siding option.

“We specialize in a wide variety of materials to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, materials such as aluminum, vinyl, Lp and of course, fiber cement. Given our dedication to staying knowledgeable in the field, we can provide whatever the homeowner desires, no matter the budget! It is fulfilling to know that we are able to help customers acquire their dream exterior without having caused them any financial stress,” explains Owner Uriah Sawyer.

Praiseworthy Plumbing

Plumbers handle the part of the house most homeowners pray never breaks or causes catastrophe. Likewise, a plumbing project is neither for amateurs nor something one wants to mess up. So, choosing the right plumber to handle the intimates of one’s house can be a stressful decision.

Gunther Baker
Icon Plumbing

Thankfully, ICON Plumbing ( has trained, licensed team members to solve any plumbing problem. ICON Plumbing prides itself on its commitment to its customers. They want to make a life-long connection and serve each and every one of their clients to full satisfaction.

ICON Plumbing prioritizes its customers at every step in their residential remodeling process. ICON Plumbing ensures that its clients’ plumbing is running as smooth as possible and dedicates its time to the efficiency and functionality of the overall home. They pay attention to the minute details, always communicating pricing upfront in a clear, digestible manner.

“ICON Plumbing understands the stress that comes with residential remodels, especially when it comes to plumbing, so we strive to provide plumbers that customers feel safe and confident welcoming into their home,” says Owner Gunther Baker.

Long-Lasting Lighting

Summer means longer days and shorter nights, but what about the other seasons of the year? ABC Electric ( is there to make every residential remodel a sustainable, year-round addition.

According to the EPA, roughly 670 million fluorescent light bulbs are thrown away annually in the United States, dumping mercury into the environment. The LED lighting industry strives to continuously evolve to help conserve energy and waste and save customers money. Lighting is also an art, creating the aesthetic and atmosphere of a room or space. ABC Electric is excited to see these two growing trends come together, energy-efficient LED lighting and various styles and designs of lighting control packages combining to complement each other.

“We do all kinds of LED lighting and controls in kitchens, other family spaces and more,” comments Service Manager Bob Codr. “Bluetooth technology is now incorporated into the LED lighting, and LED lighting now has the capability to display adjustable lumen outputs, or brightness. Color-change is now an integral part of fixtures as well, proving that this faction of the industry is ever evolving.”

ABC Electric has been in the game for 90 years in the Lincoln business and residential community and is proud to have gained the experience and knowledge that it has. ABC Electric is more than well enough equipped to hand any application and is a leader in LED lighting and controls. Look to ABC Electric for sustainable and energy efficient designs to make any residential remodeling space a unique and welcoming environment.

Captivating Concrete

Concrete Craft of Lincoln ( understands that curb appeal is important and can be a big factor for those looking to buy a home. Residential remodeling is the perfect opportunity to add that WOW factor, and with Concrete Craft of Lincoln, that factor can also have practical use!

Matt Firestone
Concrete Craft of Lincoln

No matter the project, Concrete Craft has the tools and vision to help customers metamorphose any outdoor space without paying an arm or a leg. Their concrete solutions for patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks and more bring life to any space, at-the-read for hosting events and get-togethers. Concrete Craft’s designs range from exquisite to classic, but to be sure, the space will always be unique. Get rid of the boring, gray concrete walkways and liven the property with stamped concrete in patterns, designs and a variety of colors, like the most adorable sidewalk chalk… but permanent!

Stamped, resurfaced or stained concrete driveways are the most impressive “red carpets” to meet and greet any guest. Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity when entering a home? Concrete Craft has a wide assortment of stamp patterns and coloring processes, which allows them to replicate expensive-looking materials such as brick, cobblestone and even natural slate.

“When working with a potential client who isn’t sure where to start, we suggest they make a list of ‘must haves’ and encourage them to find images online,” says President Matt Firestone. “With this information, we can begin recommending solutions that provide a picture-perfect look to fulfill our customers’ needs.”

Peaceful Pools for the Perfect Cool Down

Walking into the backyard and slipping into some cool water on a hot day is the summer dream. Strawberry Springs Pool ( can help make that summer dream a reality. Strawberry Springs is proud to serve the Lincoln area, providing unmatched attention to detail, complete customer satisfaction and reliable service. They specialize in designing and building in-ground pools and Aspen Spas and are excited to help customers envision the perfect aquatic addition.

Strawberry Springs is authorized and trained as spa technicians for most brands and are therefore more than excited to help with any pool maintenance needs. With reliable efficiency and professionalism, Strawberry Springs can repair any hot tub or pool, so no one has to miss a day in water. The following four facts expose the physical and mental benefits of swimming, revealing why installing a pool is a great idea for any family and any age:

Swimming is a whole body workout. It engages almost every major muscle group: arms, legs, torso and even the stomach.

Swimming builds cardiovascular strength. Swimming is scientifically proven to strengthen the heart, lungs and circulatory systems, while also lowering blood pressure.

Swimming is excellent for all ages and levels of fitness. This means swimming is ideal for those with arthritis or those unable to bear much weight on their joints, benefitting those with injuries, disabilities and even pregnancy.

Aerobic exercise releases endorphins, elevating or stabilizing mood to reduce overall tension. Scientific studies have also hinted that swimming can reduce stress-induced depression, improving a person’s sleep as well.

Polished Interior Painting

The power of paint is truly invaluable. Residential remodeling doesn’t have to look like a complete tear down and rebuild. A fresh coat of paint can help give any room a whole new look and feel and even buy some time before the funds for a total remodel to accrue. Remy Refinishing ( offers interior painting services and specializes in cabinet painting, a daunting task for any homeowner.

Jeremy Day
Remy Refinishing

Interior paint does last a long time, but with natural light, burning candles and cooking, paint will eventually become dirty, get scuffed up from the wear and tear of life and need a refresh. A house can be clean enough to lick the floors but look dull and grimy due to old paint. Like everything else, paint has evolved to better meet and convenience everyday needs. Many companies now sell innovative products that are scuff resistant, antibacterial or zero VOC.

“Inviting people into your home can be stressful enough as it is; you want to put your best food forward,” Owner Jeremy Day says. “Paint is a high-impact, realistic way to make your space look beautiful and inviting to any guest, friends or family.”

Ask knowledgeable painters questions about the many kinds of paint on the market. They have valuable input as to what might benefit the look, feel or functionality of a home, a business or office. Most painters use the same old products that have been around for forever, never exploring the newest painting technologies that can help the customer have the most successful residential remodel.

Remy Refinishing is committed to evolving with the times, growing with the market to provide its clients with a space that works for them and of which they can be proud. Look no further than Remy Refinishing for top-notch paint jobs and top-of-the-line customer service for a reasonable price!

Exceptional Exterior Services

Neemann & Sons, Inc. ( is a family-owned business offering only the best quality products and is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction on every residential remodel.

In 1981, Terry and Chris Neemann established a roofing company focused on building a stronger, better community, and Neemann & Sons, Inc. has since rapidly grown due to that hard work and commitment to the community. As the family business expanded, Terry Neemann Roofing was renamed Neemann & Sons, Inc. as Terry’s three sons continued the company’s dedication to quality exterior services under a name that would encompass the full extent of their talents.

Chris Neemann
Neemann & Sons, Inc.

For those looking to start their next or first residential remodel, consider working with Neemann & Sons due to the following standards on which their business is built:

  • Honesty. As a family-friendly service, Neemann & Sons, Inc. focuses on establishing trust by reviewing customers specific needs, concerns and expectations.
  • Hard Work. Neemann & Sons, Inc. will work with any budget and schedule to provide each customer with quality finishes at the best value on every project.
  • 100% Satisfaction. Neemann & Sons, Inc. ensures that every project goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations, offering a five-year Workmanship Warranty to fix any concerns that might arise.

Neemann & Sons, Inc. services range from residential and commercial roofing, siding, seamless gutters, soffit and fascia and replacement windows to insulation, inspections and repairs. So, check them out for any residential remodel needs!

Harmonious Home Design

Selecting the perfect tile for any area of a home can have a significant impact on the cohesiveness and harmony of a home. Whether it’s the kitchen’s backsplash, dining room flooring or shower walls, choosing the right material can make or break a space, pulling it all together or completely throwing off the design.

Maven Tile & Home Design ( is highly adept at this stage in the residential remodeling process. Maven Tile & Home Design offers a wide scope of services, not just their expertise in tile, and is dedicated to providing comprehensive home designs.

Linette Bradley
Maven Tile & Home Design

“We offer full in-house design services, specializing in complete home projects. We create cohesive designs across both interior and exterior spaces and have experience with new builds, remodels and renovations,” notes Senior Designer Linette Bradley. “Every space we curate is unique, reflecting how proud we are to create one-of-a-kind homes that stand out from traditional designs. We work with customers to make each design satisfactory to the customer’s own personal design style, needs and expectations. Your design should be unique to you and your family!”

Maven Tile & Home Design is not only dedicated to developing unique spaces, but also spaces that will be timelessly gorgeous for generations to come. Their strategy has established them as highly competitive in the tile and home decor industry, and they are more than excited to help with any residential remodeling project!

Dependable Demolition and Excavation

The first thing someone should do when looking to remodel is research designs they like. This gives the contractor an idea of how to proceed with the bidding process. Unfortunately, not every design on the internet or in a magazine will fit or work within the area one is looking to remodel. It is important to have clear communication with the contractor and talk through options, remembering that their expertise gives them insight into why a certain product may not be possible in the project.

Jake Metz
Lincoln Demolition & Excavation

Lincoln Demolition and Excavation ( diligently thinks through each step and accounts for all possibilities. They take the time to check city and state codes and procedures to ensure all the required setbacks, compaction rates, inspections and disposal requirements are met. This saves the customer from very costly repairs needed down the road. If these steps are skipped, it can lead to foundation failure, drywall moving and cracking, siding popping loose, windows and doors not opening or closing properly and many other issues.

“By not comparing the estimates, just choosing the lowest price, you run a high risk of the project being completed improperly, the newly remodeled area being not up to code and very expensive repairs in the near future,” states Owner Jake Metz.

Lincoln Demolition and Excavation offers peace of mind that all steps have been accounted for, all codes and requirements are met to the highest standard and all are receiving the highest return on any investment.

Lively Luminescence

Lighting is one of the best upgrades to consider with any residential remodeling project. For example, if one is already investing thousands of dollars into updating a kitchen, why not invest a little more to install under cabinet lights to showcase that new kitchen? Same with bathrooms, one can install new lighting over the shower or bath area, or one could even experiment with directional lighting to enhance art work or photography hanging on the walls. Furthermore, Oak Electric’s ( expertise is prepared to offer only the best lighting solutions.

Matt Collins
Oak Electric Inc.

Currently, the most popular trend in lighting is to replace old overhead light fixtures with strategically placed can lights. However, before one starts any remodel project–new appliances, hot tubs, a new addition, etc.–have a licensed electrician evaluate the home’s electrical panel to ensure it can safely handle any and all upgrades.

Lastly, lighting is equally important on the exterior of your home. “Outside lighting provides safety after dark. It provides functionality to use your patio and/or deck later into the evening. It also gives the home greater curb appeal,” notes Master Electrician Matt Collins.

Oak Electric’s small and dedicated team is ready to ensure quality control with the utmost focus on safety throughout any residential remodeling project!

Fierce Furniture Flips

“Let us create something beautiful for you!” says Co-Owner of Larkspur Upholstery Studio (, Amy Ainsley.

Amy Ainsley
Larkspur Upholstery Studio

Larkspur Upholstery Studio specializes in reupholstering, refinishing and repairing furniture back to its former glory, giving furniture a new life and new potential. Reviving furniture can add a great deal to any home improvement or residential remodeling project, and better yet, the history and memories remain!

Amy entered the upholstery industry with over 10 years of experience refinishing furniture, then trained for three years under master upholsters at Pechous Upholstering Company. This is where Amy developed an eye for perfection for both residential and commercial projects.

Amy reupholsters clients’ pieces to a state even more beautiful than when the pieces came brand new with the help of her Larkspur Upholstery partner Bre Reiss. Bre has been a serious sewist for over twenty years, graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a master’s degree in Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising. Together, they deliver high-quality, polished and professional finished products every time whether repairing, refinishing, reupholstering or creating new custom furniture.

Customers can simply send an image of the piece of furniture to be refinished/reupholstered with a description of what needs to be done. Amy and Bre will then respond with an estimate within a week. It’s as simple as that!

One-of-a-kind Outdoor Living Spaces

Black Label Built ( is where excellence meets experience, and every project is a masterpiece in the making. As the proud owner, Lance Roach is thrilled to share Black Label Built’s commitment to delivering the absolute best in everything it does.

Lance Roach
Black Label Built

“At Black Label Built, we redefine what it means to provide a first-class experience. From the moment you engage with us, whether through our meticulously designed website or in person, you’ll sense our dedication to perfection,” says Roach. “Our team of experts is not only highly skilled but also passionately driven to exceed expectations.”

What sets Black Label Built apart is its unwavering focus on craftsmanship and quality. Black Label Built meticulously handpicks materials of the finest caliber and employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure each project is not just completed but elevated to a work of art. Whether it’s constructing a new deck, patio cover or garage; revitalizing your current outdoor space or building an entirely new space, Black Label Built brings creativity, design and precision to every detail.

“Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in fostering strong relationships built on trust, transparency, and clear communication,” notes Roach. “We listen attentively to your vision and collaborate closely throughout the entire process, ensuring your aspirations are not only met but exceeded.”

Beyond Black Label Built’s commitment to excellence in construction, it prioritizes sustainability and innovation. Embracing eco-friendly practices and staying at the forefront of industry trends allows Black Label Built to deliver forward-thinking solutions that are both environmentally conscious and future-proof.

“When you choose Black Label Built, you’re not just selecting a contractor; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to turning your dreams into reality,” assures Roach. “Our track record speaks for itself, with a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients who attest to our unmatched expertise and professionalism.”

Join Black Label Built in celebrating the artistry of construction and experience firsthand why Black Label Built is synonymous with unparalleled quality and exceptional service. Discover how Black Label Built can transform customers’ visions into living masterpieces that stand the test of time.

Welcome to a new standard of excellence. Welcome to Black Label Built.

Customized and Capable Concrete

Curb appeal is the main factor when increasing a home’s value, so why not start that residential remodeling project by improving curb appeal in a literal sense? Consider concrete curbing!

Liberty Edge Curbing ( specializes in visually appealing concrete curbs to enhance the value of any home or business. Offering a variety of curbing styles, patterns and colors, Liberty Edge Curbing not only creates eye-catching interest in landscaping, but it also caters to the unique wants and styles of each of its clients, putting the cherry on top of clients’ visions.

Unlike plastic or brick pavers that constantly crack and shift, concrete curbing and edging promises a sustainable, durable, one-piece solution to the hassle that can be trimming back weeds and difficult landscaping. Concrete curbing is a timeless option and the perfect addition to keep all landscaping exactly where it belongs. There is no landscape design concrete curbing can’t enhance. Maximize concrete borders’ efficiency by defining outdoor walkways, flowerbeds and even tree rings.

“Decorative concrete curbing is surprisingly affordable,” notes Liberty Edge Curbing Team Member Jeremiah Morehead. “Not only does our concrete curbing accommodate the client’s every whim, but it is also the most cost-effective solution for the long-term style and functionality of the outdoor space as customers can rely on the product’s composition and endurance. Our clients get the best of both worlds, a structurally sound landscape barrier that is completely customizable and will add to the home’s curb appeal for generations.”

As an added bonus, Liberty Edge Curbing doesn’t disrupt its clients’ lives. They install and seal in the same day, so landscape intrusiveness is at a minimum.

Confidence is key during any home improvement project, and with Liberty Edge Curbing, one can be confident that landscape barriers will remain strong and stylish from year to year.