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Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate

Halie Hollowell Joins Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate Team as Marketing Director

Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate ( is excited to welcome Halie Hollowell to their team as the new marketing director. Halie began working for Greenleaf at [...]

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End of Year Business Spending in Lincoln – November 2022

The year is coming to a close quickly, which means it’s almost time to start thinking about taxes. The next two months are crucial for [...]

Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate Releases First Half Market Reports for 2022

Greenleaf Commercial ( employs a full-time market analyst who tracks the market using a variety of tools and resources on a daily basis. In addition [...]

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Three Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate Agents Close a Successful Sale

Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate ( is pleased to announce that John Linscott and Adam Lowney represented the seller, and Brett Harris represented the buyer, in [...]

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Buying & Selling a Business

Whether you’re ready to take on the exciting venture that is buying a business, or you’re looking to begin preparing for retirement by putting in [...]

Growing Your Business in Lincoln – June 2022

We’re all about supporting local businesses here at Strictly Business – after all, it’s in our name. To further that effort, we are dedicating one [...]

Starting a Business in Lincoln – April 2022

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ve likely had a dream of starting your own business. It can be intimidating to follow through with the [...]

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