Jordan Joseph Klasek and Alex F. Woita are pleased to announce they have recently opened Cornhusker CrossFit in the MAS LifeStyle building at Town & Country Plaza on 33rd and Cornhusker.  Jordan and Alex are also owners of MAS LifeStyle, which offers lifestyle coaching, nutrition plans and personal training.  Their instructors work with clients to personalize their programs while creating a sense of individuality, affinity and most importantly, community.  They provide a state-of-the-art facility simply equipped with paradigmatic service and a focused atmosphere.

Cornhusker CrossFit has 5,200 square feet of space and is the largest CrossFit Affiliate in Lincoln.  They offer the first two weeks of their program free and have no membership or cancellation fees.

For more information about Cornhusker CrossFit, please call (402) 465-0088 or visit them online at