Crown Global Consulting to Host Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Local businesses, non-profits and school district administrators are invited to attend Crown Global Consulting’s official Lincoln Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, June 13th from 11:00am to 12:00pm. The ceremony will celebrate the company’s new office space and five years in operation. This free event will be held onsite at 8300 Pioneers Blvd., Suite 201.
This event is hosted by Crown Global Consulting. Crown offers state-of-the-art employee interview services to schools, non-profits, and businesses. Crown’s suite of interviews empowers HR leaders to select and develop the top 10% of their applicant pool, and their clients have more confidence and assurance they are consistently selecting a quality individual with each hiring decision.

For more information, contact Crown Global Consulting at (402) 817-0123.  You can visit their website at

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