GreenField Direct has recently opened its doors in Greenwood, Nebraska as a manufacturer of water detection security products for home and commercial use.

With more than 35 years in various electric valve industries through its sister company KZValve, GreenField Direct is becoming a leading provider of quality products and services for home and commercial water detection security products. GreenField Direct focuses on exceeding its customer needs while demonstrating a superior pledge to excellence in its products.

GreenField Direct is in a constant pursuit to fuel the marketplace with useful pioneering products. Using a think tank of inventioneers, they lead the charge by building innovative products that feature an exceptional price-to-value ratio and improve the lives of customers by providing them with an increased “Peace of Mind”.

GreenField Direct will be introducing PipeBurst Pro!, a patent pending home and commercial early water detection security system, later in 2010.  The PipeBurst Pro! is designed to monitor and control water flow in a home or commercial building and protect against domestic water damage, due to flooding or leaks/ failures, in the buildings’ plumbing system.  A homeowner can easily set out any number of wireless FloodBugs (water sensor) that monitor target areas in their home, so that they are actively alerted, before a new leak becomes a major problem.

More information can be found by visiting or by calling Scott Miner at 402-944-7123.