Hartland Homes, Inc. is proud to announce our 25th year in business. In celebration of this landmark, Hartland Homes is offering a 25th anniversary special on new Hartland Home purchases  (please see their website for more details www.hartlandhomes.com) and will be posting fun facts and stories about their 25 years on their blog  http://hartland-homes.blogspot.com . They invite others to post their happy Hartland Homes memories too!

Hartland Homes was founded in 1984 by Duane Hartman.  Staffed with only one part-time salesperson, one construction superintendent and one secretary, the company was able to close 36 new homes that first year, the most of any builder in the community.  Now, 25 years later, the family business is thriving and Duane is proud that his children have joined him in his love of providing affordable housing solutions.  Hartland Homes has an in-house sales staff, warranty manager, construction site superintendents, draftsman, development and administration team which keeps the company running smoothly.  As Lincoln’s largest home builder over the last 25 years, they have closed 2,376 homes.

Congratulations to Duane on 25 years of successful home building! Hartland Homes looks forward to serving Lincoln for at least another 25 years.  For more information, please contact Lea at 402-477-6668.