Inner Balance Myotherapy Celebrates Grand Opening with Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

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Inner Balance Myotherapy is pleased to celebrate its Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting on Dec. 18th, 2012 and the joining of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

Inner Balance Myotherapy is proud to provide Lincoln an alternative method of pain relief through myofascial trigger point release therapy. Myofascial trigger points are hypersensitive areas which keep a portion of the muscle or surrounding soft tissues contracted. Trigger points can cause pain, tingling, burning, weakness and restricted motion. Myofascial pain can mimic the pain of many other medical conditions including chest pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, migraine headaches and many more.

Inner Balance Massage Therapy is dedicated to providing comprehensive care in the treatment of pain caused by myofascial trigger points with the goal of restoring each individual to their maximum potential in muscle health and motion. Located in south east Lincoln, 4200 Pioneer Woods Drive, Ste. A. Services are available by appointment Monday – Friday.

Call (402) 483-9050, or visit: or contact for more information on Inner Balance Myotherapy.

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