The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA, has announced a new benefit for members that will help them further engage with public policies that directly affect local business. In next couple of months, LIBA will be creating scorecards for various elected officials in Lincoln, and they will be sharing these scorecards with their membership. Each year, LIBA’s Board of Directors review several policy positions and the impact on business. Now, taking it to the next level, they will be sharing a scorecard of the policies which LIBA has provided public testimony and rate elected officials on their performance related to policies which have a direct impact on business. This will be for members of the Legislature, City Council, County Board, Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education, Natural Resource District, and others. LIBA members will be able to see the policies summarized with an accompanying scorecard. They will share this information with the business community to help keep local leaders informed on the issues of the day and how local elected officials are representing their constituents.

These scorecards are just one example of how the Lincoln Independent Business Association continues to brainstorm new ways to provide value to their membership. To learn more about becoming a LIBA member, call the LIBA office at (402) 466-3419 or go online to You can also visit LIBA’s new office at 3601 Calvert St.