Lincoln Airport Offers Online Tool to Compare Flight Costs from Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska

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A new cost calculator tool at makes it more convenient for travelers to compare the true cost of flying from Lincoln and Omaha. Users enter information such as the distance they must travel to each airport, the time it takes to get there, the dollar value of their time and the price of a comparable ticket from each airport. The calculator figures the total cost to fly, making it easier to compare, and is optimized for mobile devices if travelers use a smartphone or tablet to access

A spot check of air fares to Lincoln’s top 25 U.S. markets conducted on January 27 for travel during February 13–18 revealed that for comparable flights, Lincoln had lower fares than Omaha to ten cities. Tickets to most of the top destinations were no more than $50 higher from Lincoln. The same comparison showed similar results for flights to popular international destinations. In fact, the narrowing gap between air fares from Lincoln and Omaha contributed to a 5 percent increase in passengers using the Lincoln Airport in 2013.

Travelers can take the LNK vs. OMA challenge plus find the latest updates on flight schedules and information on parking and airport services at

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