LincTrack GPS Solutions to Hold Open House, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting in Nebraska

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LincTrack GPS Solutions is pleased to announce they will hold an open house and Lincoln Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting on Monday, February 18th at 3 pm to celebrate their new business.  The event will be held at their office in the SCC Continuing Education Building at 285 S. 68th St. Place in Lincoln on the third floor and will coordinate with the launch of SCC’s Entrepreneur Week.  The public is encouraged to attend to help LincTrack celebrate and to learn more about Entrepreneur Week.

LincTrack, started by Kelly Jensen in November of 2012, provides GPS tracking solutions that allow business owners to monitor where their employees are when they are driving company vehicles.  This helps them better manage their fleets and save money through fuel savings, potential lower insurance costs, improving routing inefficiencies and reducing vehicle wear and tear or unauthorized usage.  GPS tracking also helps increase driver safety and helps managers detail exact amount of time spent on a job.

For more information about LincTrack GPS Solutions, please call (402) 314-0037 or visit:

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