New Survey Highlights Lincoln Immigrants’ Deep Investment in Community

Lincoln is a vibrant and inclusive community that is home to residents from around the world. A first-of-its-kind survey of immigrants and refugees living in Lincoln conducted in early 2019 illustrates a demographically diverse community that is ambitious and committed, has strong faith in civic institutions, and is eager for greater economic opportunity.

Over 500 New Americans completed the survey in Spring 2019. The findings affirm that many immigrants and refugees value living in Lincoln and trust many of the City’s key institutions. They are enthusiastic about learning English, and many bring educational and professional credentials, including nearly one in five immigrants who arrived in Lincoln with a bachelor’s or advanced degree from abroad. However, Lincoln’s New Americans also face significant economic and social barriers.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • A high value on English skills
  • Employed but looking (and trained!) for more
  • Strong confidence in civic institutions, but gaps in engagement

Data was gathered with the support of more than 20 community organizations that are members of the New Americans Task Force (NATF). The survey was administered to 505 adult immigrant and refugee residents of Lincoln from February 2019 to June 2019. Surveys were administered in five languages: English, Arabic, Karen, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Responses were collected in person and online. While demographically diverse, survey respondents were not a statistically representative sample of the foreign-born community in Lincoln. A full survey report is available at