Nebraska’s leading writing and content service provider, Ronin Writer, has announced they are changing their name to Steel Quill Writing Services. The change in the name is a reflection of the growth of the business from a one person operation to one that hosts several writers and editors.

The business started as the trade name for Michael Welsh as he wrote for various trade national publications and websites. Over time, the business’ focus changed into helping local businesses with their documentation, copywriting, and licensed content needs.

“We have grown a lot over that last three years and it is time out name reflected that,” said Michael Welsh, President of Steel Quill. “The change comes at a time when we are experiencing growth by focusing on our core services.”

Steel Quill Writing Services provides effective communication for all of your organization’s needs. Steel Quill offers affordable brochure creation, technical writing, copywriting, web content and HR polices. They also offer newsletter services, e-mail marketing and copyrighted material from various sources like Associated Press and Reuters.

For more information, please visit or call 419-1284.