Ruiz Counseling Holds Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

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Ruiz Counseling is pleased to announce they held a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting on November 26th to celebrate their new business.  Ruiz Counseling offers mental health counseling for kids, adolescents, and adults.

Owner Andrea Ruiz, MA, LMHP works mostly with adolescent and young adult clients. She finds that many of her clients struggle with self-esteem and empowerment issues in addition to or in conjunction with other mental health problems. Ms. Ruiz has also helped several clients with self-mutilation and self-respect issues and has completed some extended training on these subjects. Bullying and self-respect are two other areas that are often addressed with many of Ms. Ruiz’s clientele.

Ms. Ruiz specializes in Neurofeedback training for those who are able to benefit from it. She was trained and has been practicing the biofeedback technique since 2008 and has seen many of her clients benefit from it in their mental health treatments.  Neurofeedback is sometimes referred to as “biofeedback for the brain”.

For more information about Ruiz Counseling, please call (402) 580-0124 or email

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