Scott and Stephanie Rotert Introduce Healthy Vending Options to Lincoln


With the current trend toward obesity and the overall decline of health due to poor eating choices, Lincoln residents Scott and Stephanie Rotert decided to do something about it.  We want to be able to bring something to our customers that will have a positive impact on their business, employees and customers. Helping our customers be able to give their employees and customers easy access to healthier snacks and drinks is what we are dedicated to providing. They work with each of their customers individually to help them customize a program that meets their needs.

SR Vending delivers the machine, stocks and cleans it, so it’s a great way to keep your employees and customers happy at no cost or work to you.  Their machines employ the latest in vending technology offering purchases by credit and debit cards along with an Eco-Friendly energy saving design.

If you are interested in having a healthy SR Vending machine at your location, contact Scott at (402) 440-6538 or email for more information.